Card Management Applications

Card Management Appilications

Remember those days when everyone used to wait in long queues for many hours? The financial sector has undergone rapid changes over the years. Many of them became aware of the fact that they can no longer hinge on the traditional methodologies. Nothing remains the same all the time. In this fast and ever revamping world, technology is what that is simplifying our lives. 

Card Management Software Application:

Now the same applies to the card management software application. However, this great transformation has made the daily chores of banking and financial employees to lessen their burden. It is basically used to organize the circuition of the card from issuance to its delivery. 

Now many entities are highly focussing on this system that serves both the banking crew as well as their customers simultaneously. So opt for the card management app developers who could leverage the finest solutions.

Why Tvisha?

So looking for a company that could render you the best feasible services? We at Tvisha Technologies feel happy for being into this card management solutions

Our card management app developers are highly skilled in building end to end solutions in accordance with your business needs. Hire our developers and they will provide you round the clock assistance at every step of development of your application.

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App Features

Card Management Module
This feature helps your user in the selection of Card (Debit/Credit), Debit/Credit Card creation based upon Terms & Conditions & Balance Limits, Debit/Credit Card clearing, managing life cycle for Debit/Credit Card (Acquisition, Activation, Usage, Retention) and Managing Debit/Credit Card status (initiate, deactivate, activate, block, unblock, revoke, Delete, restore).
Card Printing Module
Our card management software application helps in the printing of debit/Credit Card and password form of a certain generated card on the request from the bank.
Account Management Module
Here you can manage the card information and system setup access like Card Current Status in the lifecycle, Card Details, transactions on the card. Moreover, it Promotes efficient user data management mainly in areas like User Profiles and documents and User Transactions.
Permission Control Module
Our card management software application entails the admin to grant permissions in order to access the Card management system. Admin can give access to other staff to monitor the Card data management software. 
Card Tracking System
This feature enables the tracking of Credit/Debit Card from Merchant to Bank, Bank to User and Card transactions and card retention details.
Support Centre Module
This feature aids in resolving the customer queries regarding the card by viewing the status of the card. This renders the bank management to provide better support services to their customers.
Our card management software application entails viewing the analytical reports of the use of cards with detailed status filtering and the number of cards that are in use.Card Management App Developers
Elegant mobile banking solutions are at your end!
Single point of contact for Card Issuance and managing the Users.
Analytical reports gain users Interest. It makes to implement smart schemes.
Prompt response on Customer queries for Card issues.
Control data breach of cards
Role-based security
To have a proper plan on generating new cards by tracking card usage.
SMS gateway :
To regularly notify the bank staff and merchants.

Disclaimer : The following apps are not developed by tvisha and these are being provided for reference purpose only. The names and logos are the properties of the respective companies.

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