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Chat App Development

Business Chat App Development

Gone are those days when everyone used Sms to pass on any kind of information. The advancement in the app technology has now resulted in the origination of many instant messaging apps. By just having access to the internet anyone can now use these types for real-time communication. Now, this is what that has paved a way to the business chat software development that is exclusively for office communication purposes.

So, if you are wishing to develop an application like the like the one mentioned above, opt for a chat app development company that could provide the best developmental services.

Short Insights:

The main motive of a business chat application is to improve the real-time in-office communication between the employees. Eventually, it dilutes the scope of flaws and aids any business organization to make better verdicts.

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We at Tvisha Technologies feel overwhelmed for being the foremost chat app development company. We design solutions which are adaptable and flexible. Also, we have delivered many cutting-edge solutions with intuitive designs to our customers. Our sophisticated solutions will definitely increase your ROI.

Our instant chat app developers excel in customizing the solutions in accordance with your typical business requirements. Moreover, they guide you at each stage of the development process of the application.

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App Features

Instant Chatting
In an organization, an employee can chat with any other employee who is connected with the organization. In this instant chat, the history of chat with the date and time of the messages sent or received can be seen. If your customer is offline, the last seen of the user can be seen. The status of messages, like sent, delivered or read can be seen. The status of chat like online, offline, client visit, away, etc can be updated. The universal search allows your customer to search for a message, or an attachment in a month, or a year.
Group Chatting
The group chat allows your customer to chat, not only individually but with a group. Unlimited groups can be created, in which unlimited users can be added. One message sent by a single user can be seen by all the members who are part of the group. All the features like sharing of files, images, videos, location, etc can be accessed in a group chat. The admin, who has created a group will have access to add or remove your customer. Apart from adding or removing, the admin can make another customer as an admin.
Screen Sharing
Without any limit of time, any customer can share their screen with another user. Your customer has to request for sharing the screen to the other customer. If the request has been approved by the next customer, then the screen sharing starts. To end the sharing of the screen, your customer just has to click on the stop button, after which the other user cannot access the screen.
Audio/Video Calling
Without any limit to time or data, your customer can make an audio or a video call. The calls history allows them to know at what time the call was made. The total call time will be calculated by the system. As this is a business chat, the calls cannot be recorded, for an encryption purpose. Once your customer sends a request to pick a call to the other customer, and if the request is accepted, then the call time starts counts.
Audio/Video Conference
The video or an audio conference call allows your customer to make a meeting with a group of people through audio, or video, or even both. During the call, they have to send a request to another user to connect for the conference, whether it can be an audio or video. With the limit of two to eight-member, can join the conference call.
In a process to hide a message from chat history, your customer can start a chat in burnout, for a personal chat. They can send a request to another customer, for chatting personally. Without any limit for time, the two users can chat among. Once the end button is clicked, the who chat history will vanish, which cannot be retrieved by anyone.
Advanced Filters
The advanced filters help your customer to find the needed files on a single click. The images, videos, locations, links, and contacts can be filtered individually. Once a user selects on any particular filter, the history of that particular filter from the beginning of chat will be shown. This helps your customer to get any file on a single click, instead of rolling out all the chat history.
Multi-Message sharing
Your customer can send a message to multiple user or multiple groups. When your customer is chatting in a group, and that message has to be delivered to a person who is not a member of the group, they can select the user name and share the message.
Immersive and Intuitive User Interfaces
Instant data exchange
Simple & easy to use
Multi-platform compatibility
Enhances employee productivity
Secured encrypted data protection
SMS Gateway Integration: 
For a user to verify the account.

Chat Integration: 
For a user to chat in single or group.

Disclaimer : The following apps are not developed by tvisha and these are being provided for reference purpose only. The names and logos are the properties of the respective companies.

Troop Messenger
Troop Messenger
Troop Messenger is a compact office chat application with amazing security and feature implementation facilitating safe and secure business data sharing.

Slack brings team communication and collaboration into one place whether you belong to an enterprise or a small business.

Ryver is Communicate with teammates privately, or as a group through Forums and Teams.

ProofHub is the project management solution to manage your projects, remote teams and clients, no matter how big or complex they are.

Continuous collaboration for garnering requirementa and delivering flaw-free technical solutions backes up with 24/7 technical support.

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