Document Scanner

Document Scanner

We are in the digital world. More and more nations are offering services to citizenry through internet. As our country is transforming from "India" to "digital India" to go paperless, it will be a golden opportunity for businesses to focus on the document scanning app development and make digital India come true.

Minimize your business process with document scanner software development. We provide flawless solutions for reducing your paperwork or workflow. Run your businesses with this application that gives you more productivity, reduced cost, and easy access to data.

Quick Overview:

Document scanning application development is replacing physical machines to virtual applications. This application has the ability to capture or scan a document, store and manage documents effectively. Businesses can use this app across all business verticals.

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We are a specialized document scanning app development company seasoned in providing robust solutions with the integration of sophisticated technology for business applications. We develop applications that are simple and easy to use.

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App Features

Document Scanning
User can scan the papers from the mobile camera. User will have an option to take a single picture scanning or multiple picture scanning. This application will allow a user to select the resolution of the camera capturing.  User can also upload an image from the mobile gallery and then edit it.
With the help of OCR Integration (Optical Character Recognition) in the application, the user can read the text on the image after the document scanning even though the accuracy of OCR is up to 50%.  The recognized text can be saved in text form. Subsequently, the system will categorize the document as a Text Document or Image Document.
Once the document is scanned, the user can crop and resize the image. However, the system will auto resize the edges of the image after scanning. The image cropping API s will be integrated with the application. User can manually resize the system sizes of the image.  Apart from cropping or resizing, the user can also Zoom In or Zoom Out the image.
Pen Marking
This application allows a user to pen mark on the document for highlighting a word. The font size of the pen mark and the colour can be changed as per user choice.
Document Beautifier
Once the process of document editing is done, the various filters like Black and White, Document highlighter, etc. can be applied to the document. Apart from the filters, the clip arts can also be added on the document.
File Conversion
The Scanned/Edited document can be saved as a JPEG file, or a Word copy or a PDF.   The single image can be saved as PNG or JPEG image and multiple images can be clubbed into one PDF document. Every file, while saving, can be assigned with a name or a tag and can be moved to a specific folder.
File Manager
This application has an internal file manager where a user can create, edit or delete a folder. The folder can be assigned with a name or a tag. Any number of files with no count can be added to a particular folder. The location of saved folders can be assigned to mobile internal storage or Memory Card storage according to the user settings.
Cloud Sharing
User can upload the file/document to the clouds such as Google Drive, One Drive, and other cloud services. The APIs of the cloud services will be integrated with the application. Once the file is shared with any of the clouds, it will be saved in the local storage of the user’s mobile phone. Apart from the cloud services, the files/documents can be shared to social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and the like.
Store and manage documents effectively.
No need of filing cabinets and boxes on shelves
Faster and easy access to and from anywhere
Safety and Security of documents
Go paperless with the portable document scanner
Reduced Cost
More Productivity
SMS Gateway API Integration: For a user to verify the accountOCR API Integration: For a system to scan the document and retrieve the textCloud API Integrations: for a user to share the file or document to clouds.Facebook API Integration: For a user to post the image on Facebook wall.

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