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The Internet can always be regarded as one of the greatest revolutions in this era of digitization. This Internet is the foundation that enabled many other revolutions that became industry hits. This GPS tracking software development is one such thing that can be considered as the revolutions of this era. This application development allowed easy tracking of an object in just seconds. Also, it has become one of the trending markets to invest.

Quick Insights of Geofencing App

Our GPS tracking software development allows the Vehicles to be tracked live on the device with the help of vehicle SDK and the tracking API’s. Geo-fence can be used to make sure that the vehicle is not crossing the restricted location. Whenever the vehicle passed through the geofence, an alert will be triggered to the mobile. With the help of immobilization, the vehicle ignition can be turned on or off anytime and anywhere.

Why choose us for Geofencing App Development?

We at Tvisha technologies feel cheerful for being the renowned GPS track app development company. We design standard solutions that can effectively perform GPS tracking.

Moreover, our geofencing app developers are skilled at developing robust applications by employing intuitive designs. They deliver quality solutions with top-notch functionalities in time.

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App Features

With the integration of maps into the application, location can be drawn in circular, triangular or polygonal form as a restriction for geo-fence. If a vehicle crosses the geo-fence, then an alert will be triggered to the registered mobile phone through an SMS. When a user clicks on that particular notification, then the vehicle details will be shown on the map, with an exact location of where the vehicle is.
Geo-Fence Reports
The geo-fence reports help a user to know how many times a vehicle has crossed the geo-fence. The advanced filters allow a user to know how many times a vehicle has crossed the geo-fence, along with the date and time. These reports can also be exported as pdf documents which are sharable to others, or even into an excel sheet.
Vehicle Status
The activities of the vehicle can be seen, such as overall halt time, overall idle time, overall running time of the vehicle. At any activity of a vehicle such as idle, halt or moving, the alerts will be triggered to the respective users registered mobile number through an SMS. This feature gives a live update of each activity of the vehicle.
Charts and Reports
With the help of analytics integration, the graphs for the reports can be pulled into the GPS tracking software development application. For the reports like vehicle status (Idle, halt, running), the reports can be shown how much time the vehicle was in which status.
Our GPS software development has a feature that When a vehicle is found to tamper, then the ignition of the vehicle can be turned off from the application. The vehicle would not start until the permission message is sent to turn on the ignition. The immobilization history allows a user to know how many times a vehicle was immobilized, along with the time and date.
The vehicle can be simulated on the maps. With the tracker attached to the vehicle, the live location of the vehicle can be tracked on the map. Each and every activity, as the exact location, the status (Idle, halt, running) can be seen live on the maps. The trip history allows a user to know the overall activity of the vehicle in a single trip like total distance traveled, total idle/halt and running hours, etc.
Fleet Details
With the help of trackers and sensors attached to the vehicle, the application shows the overall condition of the vehicle. The events like high-speed driving, rash driving, rash break applying, etc can be notified to the registered user mobile number through an SMS. The fleet history allows a user to know how many times the events were occurred in a month or week, along with date and time.
Alert & Notifications
Our GPS tracking software development has a feature For the tampering such as harsh breaks, engine breaks down, Geo-Fence crossing, etc., the alerts will be triggered to the registered mobile number. A report can be pulled for the tampering of the vehicle.
Simulate vehicle from anywhere
Track live location of the vehicle on maps
Get notified on tampering
Keep control on the vehicle through immobilization
Understand vehicle activities in a graphical view
Simulate vehicle from anywhere
Increase in revenue
SMS Gateway Integrations: 
For a user to verify account and notifications.

Vehicle Tracker SDK: 
For a user to observe the activities of the vehicle.

Maps Integration: 
For a user to track the vehicle live on maps. 

Geo-Fence API’s: 
For a user to fence a location of the vehicle.

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