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In this era of digitization, technology has increased in leaps and bounds enabling everyone to enhance and expand their business in every direction possible. Insurance website development is one such innovation which has established a mark in the respective industry.

Many insurance corporations, as well as bureaus, are associating with several reliable mobile app development companies to develop their individual insurance applications and make interaction with clients more direct and user-friendly.

Simple overview:

Our insurance website development Company enables the agent to monitor all their regular job functions. Insurance agents have regular schedules and they are responsible for leads and handling clients, this application helps to scrutinize the role of the insurance agent.

This application promotes the efficient internal organization of agents. Your customers can enroll for the polices and they can spot the relevant agents and can talk about all the market trends, associated terms and conditions, and budgetary issues.

Why choose us?

We at Tvisha Technologies feel exhilarated for being the esteemed insurance app development company. We develop sophisticated solutions across various domains in accordance with your typical business requirements.

Furthermore, our insurance application developers are deft at delivering quality solutions by employing intuitive designs. They make you awestruck with their performance.

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App Features

Client Management
Client Management helps agents to manage all client & policy related details in a single location. This feature explains the client information with regular updates of their claims, balance dues, policy information, and renewal dates. This helps agents to one tap call for their clients for any updates regarding the policies. This helps regularly follow up with clients and can view queries related issues of client and agents can get notifications for these queries. This helps them to solve client queries easily by having certain client information at a single location.
Lead Management
Insurance Agents can create a lead for their clients with detailed information. It is an important aspect of the insurance sector to manage, track activities. So, this feature monitors those activities easily through this application. This helps higher authority in Insurance companies to receive this status and activities and helps in having a proper plan of action. Lead Management also helps in following the capturing the lead status like lead nurturing, lead capture and qualifications. These help to move the business process in a streamlined way without any confusion.
Appointment feature helps to manage appointments and schedule. This helps to get regular updates on appointments with notes included in it. This feature has the ability to set appointment feedback and statuses like scheduled or postponed on a particular date and time. This helps to plan and reorganize before and get notified before for a particular appointment. Agents can set a reminder for the appointment with any notes assigned to it so it can be easily remembered during the reminder time.
Agent Management
Agent Management helps to view the complete list of all agents’ details with their appointment schedules. This helps agents to request others for their appointment during his leave tenure or in need of any help. This feature helps to manage among agents without losing any client schedules. This also helps the organization to reduce the amount of work to assign one agent work to another agent. Through this feature, Agent can view his earnings.
Chat Feature
This feature enables to chat among the list of agents in a particular organization. This helps collaboration between them. This feature has the ability to share audio, files, images to certain individuals through this feature. Agents can create groups and can manage their leads through chat by sharing their appointments tasks or list in groups and it can communicate easily to the group members. Location can be captured and can share in groups and as well as to individual through this chat application.
Policy Management
This application has a feature of listing out the all Policies with Policy details provided by insurance companies and helps to view all the latest information at single place. This feature enables agents to enter all the information of the client, policy details and other details and Create Policy from any place and it became flexible to agents to enter details at client location without missing of client details. This feature enables to list out their clients based upon product and helps to easily analyze the client behavior.
Claims Management
This Feature helps agents to view the clients' list who claimed their policies and can contact the client. The agent can access to write notes on this and can update status and amount. This helps higher authorities to know the related status of the claim of the client. Higher authority can view these claims and can comment for a particular claim if needed and higher authorities should approve the claims then only the required funds will be transferred to clients.
Client Details Capture
Client Verification personnel is used for collecting important details from the client and upload in the application. This feature enables agents for collecting e-signature. Alternatively, they can add photos from the app, using the Smartphone’s camera at the Client destination. The Smartphone app will have embed timestamps and GPS coordinates in the photos along with any notes that agent want to include. This feature enables to generate PDF file once the agent collects the data from the client and can share this PDF file to the client as well. This feature helps in tracking the client details and history.
File Storage
File storage helps in storing important files at a single place. This helps to upload and save audio recordings and documents and helps agents to download and revise anytime. File storage helps to create folders and can arrange files easily like client-based folders and can sort out when required. This feature helps to store documents in cloud storage and this help to recover files when required.
Benefit Illustration Calculator
A benefit illustration is a year-by-year summary of the costs and benefits. In each of the illustrations, the costs are spelled out for each year so you know how much you invest, how much you pay in charges and the amount left at the end of the year. Being an insurance product, the death benefit is also stated.  These can be explained to the client through this application without any other external source.
Analytics Reports
Analytics report helps to generate visualizations of overall data from client information. The visualizing mainly shows for the number of leads generated, renewals and claims based upon policy types and for a particular client. These visualization helps to view information related graphically easily and can also let the user view visualizations based upon date, month and year based filters. By these visualizations, the user can export the data and also build reports for particular information. This helps to visualize the overall view in a glance.
Provide comparison for easing client decision
Easy to use and showcase insurance products
Provide comparison for easing client decision
Optimize client and leads management
Maximise agent collaboration
Across-the-board improvement in services
SMS Gateway: For the users to receive the OTP.GPS Integration: To capture the exact location of the users.Illustration Calculator API: To calculate the insurance amount.DocuSign API: To enable the users to sign digitally.Chat API: To enable users to chat with the agents.

Disclaimer : The following apps are not developed by tvisha and these are being provided for reference purpose only. The names and logos are the properties of the respective companies.

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