Insurance Wallet Application

Insurance Wallet Application

There is no scope for the lack of certainty in that people pronounce it tedious to purchase insurance as it is a complex chore to analyze the policies. Nonetheless, there is a different and thriving Insurance wallet App Development which has already diluted the method of insurance. The advancement of technology in this digital era has enabled the advent of such great innovations. Moreover, insurance has huge importance in this current scenario. This materialization of this application has asphalted a way to automate all these manual processes.

Short Insights of Insurance wallet App

Our Insurance wallet App Development basically allows insurance Companies' customers to avail insurance services through this wallet. Policy Managing, claims management, renewal system features helps customers and Company agents to utilize, Manage & track policies in numerous insurance categories. This benefits both the insurance companies and their customers by simplifying all the tasks associated with the insurance process.

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We at Tvisha Technologies feel exultant for being the first-rate insurance application development company. We deliver standard solutions by employing the latest technologies. Our innovative designs make you wonder with their performance and functionalities.

Moreover, our insurance wallet app developers are adept at carefully crafting solutions that work on various platforms effectively. Also, they carefully understand your requirements and design quality applications that smoothly fits your business.

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App Features

Policy Management
Policy Management helps their insurance company policies reaches to their customers by providing their policy details in this application. The company customers can easily search and get notified regularly and helps companies in an increase in the number of leads. This feature helps insurance companies regularly track their leads which new customers or existing customers will refer the other persons by filling these forms through this feature.  Insurance companies can upload their Policy details regularly and they can receive forms which are uploaded by new customers.
Policy Information & Policy running Status
Our Insurance App Development comprises a feature that helps customers to get regular tracking of policies, claims, and status. Customers can track present running policies, expired policies and renewal pending policies with a full summary for all type of insurance services they have insured. This summary can share through third party application like WhatsApp as a PDF where it can be helpful for any references. This helps customers to get to know the regular updates for renewals and helps during emergency situations.
E-Card System
This feature helps customers to download & Share E-Cards anywhere, anytime. Based upon policies customer availed, E-Card is generated for particular policies and this makes the customer be more flexible in availing services providing by insurance companies. This helps Insurance companies to provide customer satisfaction. ECard feature can be scanned by barcode where every information of that particular customer can be viewed by insurance companies during claims management without going through all documents.  
Claims Management
This feature helps customers to claims their policies from any place and any time by capturing pictures of the bills for the respective policies. This makes simple to the customer without moving to insurance companies or contacting agents for claims. This also helps for regular tracking of the claims and storing the claims for future purposes. The insurance company can be beneficial by this feature to get the track record of their customer claims at a single place.
Service Management
This feature helps customers for searching & buying the new policies in different insurance sectors like health care, general which is providing by the insurance company and also after purchasing the insurance, there will approval from insurance staff. The customer can view that Policy approval status.  Once it is approved by the company, the policy is generated and view the details within the wallet. The customer can buy new services by paying through online through this application. Regular notifications of change in any terms or instructions will be notified to users.
Renewal Management
This feature helps customers to renew their policies through this wallet. Once it is renewed, the policy information is automatically generated and the customer can be notified once it is renewed. This application has a feature of auto-renewal where the application gets notified the customer for renewal and is autogenerated based upon period. The customer can use these features based upon his choice. The customer can pay through this application for renewal and can have confirmation details as a security receipt. All previous renewal payments can be seen/downloaded
E-Vault with Forms
This feature helps customers to download forms for insurance policies like claims forms, health, vehicle, travel related forms which need to submit for buying new policies/ claims process. This helps customers to have all necessary documents to download at one place and it can be uploaded during availing of the services. This feature helps customers to store documents related to their policies and can download anytime. This helps customers to have documents saved at a single location. This feature is to maintain a safe track of their customers 
This feature helps customers to find nearby branch offices and related network facilities services that are providing by insurance companies like hospitals, vehicle garages with branch timings. The customer can search for a network hospital by entering the city or locate a garage based upon the make of your car. Insurance authorities can regularly update their networked details and can track these details like which users are looking for a particular hospital. This makes their networking more in an improved way.
Insurance Premium Calculator
Our Insurance App Development enables Insurances like Motor insurance, life insurance, Travel insurance, Health Insurance premium calculator enables you to calculate the premium payable for various insurance policies. The customer can enter their details like sum assured, policy term, which automatically calculates the calculation which is Preset conditions by the insurance company for a set of these user selections. This helps users to estimate and choose the right insurance policy.
Digitalized Insurance Policy Card Generation
Single Point for all policy services
Digitalized Insurance Policy Card Generation
Secured File storage
Easy of Policy Claiming
Managing policy renewals is now easy with timely alerts
Avail Insurance services from any place and any time
SMS Gateway: For the users to receive the notification at the time of registrationPayment Gateway: For the users to enable the payment.Location API: For the users to track the location
Insurance Premium Calculator API: To calculate the interest of the amount.

Disclaimer : The following apps are not developed by tvisha and these are being provided for reference purpose only. The names and logos are the properties of the respective companies.

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