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The art of living lies in living it to the full. A proper and healthy lifestyle is the harbinger of higher productivity across different activities of life. In this busy world, it has become a very tough task for everyone to manage their lifestyles efficiently. So this lifestyle software development definitely helps you to achieve your goals.

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Our Lifestyle app development helps to manage daily and routine life by timely reminders and nudges to achieve maximum. This application helps to achieve a goal setting guide by regularly notifying users on their assessments and tasks. This application helps in organized distribution of time and its usage on a daily basis. This aids user to focus on their work, on their activities with regular updates of their next activity or tasks.

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We at Tvisha Technologies feel cheerful for being the renowned lifestyle app development company. We have proven excellence in developing sophisticated solutions Our applications are user-friendly and can promote efficient user-engagement.

Moreover, our lifestyle scheduler application developers are skilled in delivering solutions on time. They work with utmost passion to deliver the best solutions that will definitely bring profits to your business.

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App Features

Time line
Timeline helps to track records of day to day activities. This feature shows to-do list, completed activities, ongoing activities with date and time and can track past records and upcoming scheduled activities. Activities are created and assigned to timeline and get notified based on time and have the ability to the user to update the status and notes regarding the task. Along with these activities, routine activities are also mentioned in timelines which are set by a user in routine management.
Statistics helps to analyze and improve productivity by visualizing the time distributions between activities and helps to detect time leaks based upon activity like during work or jogging or running etc. User simply starts the time by time tracker at the start of activity and stops the time after activity completion which gets recorded in database.The database comes handy for users to analyze time spent on any activity and make necessary changes if required.  
Routine Management
Routine Management helps in creating multiple routine drills like routine activities in summer, Routine activities on Sundays with notes and time schedule. This helps to notify the schedules on particular day or month or year.This helps to re organize and notify users if they missed to remember.Routine management allows to set periodicity of repetition for the activity.
Event Management
Event Management helps to schedule events in a Calendar in particular day with time schedules and notes. User can create event types and can use created event type when they are creating same event type like birthdays, marriage etc. Next time this makes easier for user to create event. This feature helps users to share event notes and schedules to users through WhatsApp or through other sharing platforms.  

Task Management
Task Management helps in creating and prioritizing tasks. Based on user prioritization, the activities are displayed in linear sequence.  The app allows for the cancellation, postponement or categorization of tasks by the user. Multiple Tasks can be created for particular activity. This helps to work on activities and tasks without giving them a miss.
Time Tracker
Time Tracker helps to track time on particular activities like during exercise and helps to compare time with previous sessions. A user can set estimated time to finish the task or activity. After completion of the task, the user can rate his performance and make any changes if needed.   The app displays the results in the dashboard and can view data in the statistical format through the statistics module.
The app provides for the creation of delightful custom tags to quickly identify the activities in your schedule at a glance. This helps to suggest users easily and the user has the flexibility to create new tags. While creating any activities, tasks or while adding information in this application, the user can add a tag to their activities like running, swimming and can easily add without keying in the same words repeatedly.
News and Articles
News and articles will be regularly notified based upon selection of activity tags by user. This application also provides suggestions to users to choose different categories and news types and article types they might be interested in.  User can mark the articles and news as their favorite and can view these news and articles later in favorite feature.This helps users to improve stay updated all the time.
Wholesome Personal development
Effective time management
Boosts Productivity
Wholesome Personal development
Easy goal setting & monitoring
Alerts & Notifications of Schedules
Analysis for tracking user goals
SMS Gateway: For the users to receive OTP.Video Player Integration: for Viewing the videos in news and articlesGoogle Analytics Reports API: To view the analytics

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