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The galloping lives we’re driving right now, we have every single thing at our footsteps, courtesy, smart digital devices. Pretty accurately, mobile applications have the solution to almost all of our questions. And for most people, magazines have already become the reservoir to obtain news, other important information, and movie gossips, etc. The transformation in the technology has enabled the availability of every minute information in just a single click. This slowly has spread into the development of applications. Magazine App Development is one such thing.

Simple overview

Our application demands on e-magazines are increasing on a daily basis. By making use of Magazine App Development the user can read magazines online with a mobile application. The user will be able to bookmark the magazines to read at their leisure. Magazines are daily news material to read. Most of the people are addicted to reading magazines and this, by far, is the easiest way to read magazines.

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We at Tvisha technologies are a notable digital magazine app development company. We design conventional solutions that can engage users effectively. Moreover, our dedicated app developers are proficient in designing strong applications by employing robust technologies. They deliver quality solutions with finest functionalities in time.

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App Features

Category based Magazines helps users to view related magazines which are shown in the application. The user can select categories and interesting topics where the system can generate and show those related magazines and notifies regularly on the same. The user can change their decisions at any time and can change his category selection at any time. Magazine companies or individual who are uploading can select the category and upload magazine. This helps them to reach their magazines to their interested customers.
Articles are based upon human interest where these are the specified topics which every user wish to know. Articles are selected by choosing specific categories and topics. These topic wise selected articles are shared to users. Users can also comment on specified articles and also has an option to rate the article. This helps uploader of an article to view users comments and ratings. Based upon the ratings, the user can publish the best way in next time.
Interested Magazines which are available for free on the website can be downloaded by users. Users have the option to download after purchasing the magazine if the magazine is a premium one.  Along with download, Application has a feature of download history where the user can view the history if required to download again without searching multiple times which becomes complexity. The user can view download file name, date, storage and time. If required they can download from history itself.
This application provides a payment feature as the magazines uploaded by uploader can set it to be free of cost or a premium. If uploader sets premium, they can mention price with currency. The user can select a magazine and they can purchase through a payment gateway which can be integrated. The user can purchase through a card or net banking and has a facility to make payment through wallets based upon requirement.  On purchasing, the purchase amount will send to admin directly.
Share on Social Network
The app has a feature to share the magazine on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp. This helps other users to view the magazine information and can also get notified when they fill their details through subscription form or also through registration. When the user clicks on share, the application will generate a unique link for each magazine and user. So users can share those links with others.
Our digital magazine app development allows the user to bookmark a magazine with a bookmark option to view/read the same when the user is back to the app without searching multiple times.

Pin your page
Our digital magazine app development allows the user to pin your page, which can help to set a mark till where the magazine was read and when the user comes back.

Access to multiple magazines available in the app
Easy access to magazines
Multiple selections of categories
Easy access to Interested related articles
Revenue generation
Access to multiple magazines available in the app
E-magazine made availability to view any time and any place
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Disclaimer : The following apps are not developed by tvisha and these are being provided for reference purpose only. The names and logos are the properties of the respective companies.

With issuu for Android, you’ll get access to more than 30 million publications in an incredible, immersive reading experience for FREE.

Press reader
Press reader
PressReader gives you unlimited access to thousands of magazines and newspapers from around the world so you can stay connected to the stories you love. 

Zinio Magazine
Zinio Magazine
ZINIO is the world’s first and largest digital newsstand, giving you access to magazine content from the best publishers across the globe.

Outlook Magazine
Outlook Magazine
The best app to subscribe and read Outlook Group Magazines – Outlook, Outlook Hindi, Outlook Traveller, Outlook Money, and Outlook Business.

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