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In the past, newspapers were only the basic avenue to get to know the current and the past happenings in and around the world. But with the enhancement in technology, everything is now available on the fingertips. Everything is made online these days and news app development is one among them.

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Our news application development helps you to read daily news on a mobile phone. As it is a portable news app, users may search for reading news of different regions. This will also help the end user to share the news with others. The user will be able to save the images related to the news. This news app is one of the great innovations and allows the users to read international, national and local news.

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We at Tvisha technologies feel euphoric to be the top news app development company. We develop solutions by employing contemporary technologies. Our solutions make you awestruck by their intuitive user-friendly designs.

Moreover, our news app developers are accomplished at building cutting-edge solutions that function effectively on various platforms. They also offer round the clock support from the time of conception to the time of delivery.

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App Features

Easy Access
It’s the easiest way to read news wherever you are based on the current location. This application also has a feature of exploring various category related news to read. Your customer needs to do a simple sign up to the application with the phone number to avail the services and update on a regular basis. They will be able to bookmark the news and will be able to view the news once you are back accessing news in the bookmark. Your customer does not require to search for the news once again in the list.
Regional News
Your customer can access to view news related to different regions. Your customer will be given options to select the desired location and view the news respectively. Your customer can bookmark the category to view the news related to it when you come back to the application. The application will initially detect the current location of the user and will display the current news related to the current location. They will be provided an option to change the location to find the news in the application.
Share on Social Network
Your customer will be able to share respective news information on any of the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, WhatsApp and Instagram. This application has a feature to share the news via SMS as a link to view. Your customer has an option to invite friends to use the application for daily news online by simply sending the application location via SMS.
A simple swipe (Upside/down) will make to turn the page while reading news.  News application is very compatible with any smartphone devices in the market and very easy to access. Your customer will be able to save the images related to the news to the phone memory. Your customer can select the categories on top scroll options to view the news related to the specific category.
Post News
Our news app development enables your customer to become a journalist (upon admin approval) and post news on the walls of the news on the respective location. The journalist will be able to record a video via application and post as news. The news posted by journalists is subject to approval by an admin.
Choice of diverse regional information
The any-where-any-time news channel
Choice of diverse regional information
Hard copies of newspapers a thing of the past
Environmental friendly
Enhanced revenue streams
Easy and lasting brand Recognition
News feeds API: 
To provide daily updates on the news. 

Payment gateway API:
if the app is a subscription based.

Disclaimer : The following apps are not developed by tvisha and these are being provided for reference purpose only. The names and logos are the properties of the respective companies.

Daily hunt
Daily hunt
Daily hunt, India’s #1 News app provides unbiased election updates, videos and breaking news.

The Hindu
The Hindu
The Hindu English News app brings to you the credible and in-depth journalism of India’s National English Newspaper as a rich digital experience.

Way2News(Formerly Way2SMS), the most read Short News App for Summarized, Short News in 8 Indian Languages.

english news
english news
NewsZiila is a news app that selects latest and best news from multiple national and international sources.

Continuous collaboration for garnering requirementa and delivering flaw-free technical solutions backes up with 24/7 technical support.

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