Real Estate Application

Real Estate Application

Every person goes on doing similar things in multiple manners across the globe. Though the conduct of the traditions and people are discrete, the fundamental requirements they are fulfilling is alike. Like we know people actually crave for five primary needs like food, air, water, shelter, and clothes. The crucial one among these is acquiring a shelter to lead the life. We can notice everyone desires to have their own land in order to head a livelihood. Moreover, everyone retrieves their pennies just to procure a shelter.

Real Estate App Development:

Real estate has become a thriving business industry these days. The real estate agents always keep on publicizing about their products all over the world. As many noticed the advancement of the real estate industry, the real estate industry agents, property owners, and the sellers have identified that the internet is the best tool to enhance their business. This is the reason why many realtors are showing the utmost interest in real estate application development.

This real estate management system acts as a single point of source for all who are in search of property or for the ones who want to sell or rent their property. It is an efficient way that helps to extend and enlarge your business.

Why choose us?

By sensing all the current trends in the real estate software development we design the solutions that will definitely aid in growing your business. We offer feasible solutions in accordance with your typical business needs.

Furthermore, our real estate app developers build highly sophisticated solutions by invoking innovative thoughts.

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App Features

Property Management module
Property Management helps your users to buy/sell/rent/lease at a single point. This app helps users to find property and houses right according to their choice. Your users can contact respective agents without facing any difficulties and this application provides payment access to pay for properties. This feature also enables tracking and can have confirmation notifications to both Customer and property owner/agents. The details of your user will be shared with the specific agents through this application and also the details of the specific agents can also be shared with your users.
Agent Management module
Our real estate management system entails your agents to find the right customers for their properties. When an agent submits their profile along with the details of the respective property, agents will be provided with the contact details of the user. This promotes better collaboration between the agent and the user.
Location and Filters module
Our real estate application development company helps your user to view the location of the property through maps. Also, your user can also search for their desired property by using filters like according to the price and the location of the property.
Property Evaluation module
This helps in recognizing the market value of the peculiar property based on location. Your user can get details like price per square foot, median home value. This helps your user to get exact price of the property without any errors. This module also helps your agents to post the information of their properties according to their market needs and can get updates according to the demands. This can help agents to receive proper customer requests and can make a decision on market value easily.
Advertisement module
This feature really makes your process quite easier and simpler.  This application allows your user to post an advertisement about their requirement so that it can reach to several other agents and this makes the process easier. Your user can view advertisements based on their search criteria. Moreover, your agents can post their advertisement about the properties they have. This makes agents to acquire more customers. These advertisements can make the properties to extend the market reach.
Customer Support Management module
Real estate business is a basically tricky one and it necessitates communication at each and every step. It also provides regular updates on the latest listings and delivers other crucial information related to the property. This also helps your users to post their queries and customer support management will answer to those queries.
Comprehensive and feasible real estate solutions at your end!
Instant checking about the availability of the property
Real-estate agents can have easy access to their customers
Promotes stronger Marketing and Communication between Users at a single point
Instant property evaluation and market value
Easy sell, rent or lease your property
Search anywhere and anytime
SMS Gateway:
For your users to get notifications about the property.

Payment Gateway:
For your users to pay for the property.

Map API:
For your users to view the location of the property.

Disclaimer : The following apps are not developed by tvisha and these are being provided for reference purpose only. The names and logos are the properties of the respective companies.

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