Social Media App Development

Social Media App Development

The unanticipated things always become the growth drivers and social network software development is one among them. Social networking is something that can engage users effectively. Of course, many social networking apps have gained huge popularity in the market with outstanding features.

Social Media App Development:

Social media is a dynamic tool where it upgrades the communications and interactions between various people across the globe. Social media acts as a great method in influencing people and engaging your users effectively. By understanding the current trends in this digital world many business firms are looking into this social media app development.

With the ever stable existence of users on social networking sites, many enterprises can funnel these sites to engender favourable verdicts. So it's better to consult a perfect social media app development company to enhance your business.

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We at Tvisha Technologies are gratified for being the top social media app development company. We facilitate the best ever solutions for the ones who are aspiring to set foot into this industry. We design social media apps that are secure and highly reliable.

Also, our social media app developers are adept at developing the finest UX/UI design solutions to our clients.

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App Features

Connect to People
This feature entails your user to associate with various users who registered in your app from any location across the globe. Also, this feature enables your user to share Videos, Images, Sound Clips, Gifs etc. Your user can also share their current and live location and track the location using the maps.
Chat with People
Here your user can chat with a connected person in one to one where they can exchange messages, send images or files etc. Your user can also create a group and they can add their desired people in the group. Moreover, your user can post their live location in the group which can be viewed by every member of the group.
Live Videos
Social media app development entails your user to share their live videos where the users' specific followers can view and comment on the live video. Also, your user can make a group audio/video call.
Audio and Video calls
Social network software development enables your user to make audio or video calls with unlimited time by employing the internet. Also, the history of audio and video calls along with date and time can be seen.
Status Updates
Your user can add a story to their profile which can be an image, description, GIF or a video. Your users' followers can view the status only for 24 hours after which the status will be disappeared.
Business Pages/Accounts
Social media application development entails any business owner to create their official page or account in order to market or publicize their brand. This helps those business organizations to reach a wide range of audience.
Market Place
This feature enables your user to buy and sell the products in a particular location. Furthermore, your user can search for the desired items in the marketplace in the nearby locations.
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Humanize the brand
Improve network
Visibility for business
Create awareness of any activity
Connect with people around the globe
Increased ROI
SMS Gateway API :
Here your user receives the messages for the account verification.
Google Maps API :
Here your user can share or track the live location.
Video Player API :
Here your user can view the videos posted by other users.
Streaming Channel Integration :
For a user to connect to people who share the live videos.

Disclaimer : The following apps are not developed by tvisha and these are being provided for reference purpose only. The names and logos are the properties of the respective companies.

Keeping up with friends is faster and easier than ever. 

Instagram is a simple way to capture and share the world’s moments.

Hike News & Content (for chatting go to new app)
Hike News & Content (for chatting go to new app)
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