Task Management Application

Task Management Application

Task management is a task in itself. Task Management System helps in unburdening from routine management chores and allows teams to focus on core business. It aids n managing tasks, helps with the estimation and scheduling, track dependencies, sources and milestones and helps in smoothening decision processes. It is equally helpful for individuals as well as groups to collaborate and share knowledge for accomplishing collective goals.


Our task management solutions are based on highly evolved procedures to encompass the needs of diverse business verticals, varying scenarios, and divergent geo locations. Tvisha offers both stand-alone as well as integrable versions of task management software for wider and customized compatibility.

Tvisha has earned a reputation of being one of the best Task management software development companies in business. Our technical team is adept at various steps involved in creating a user-friendly task management app. Our experience works to simplify your tasks.

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App Features

Task Creation & assignment
This feature helps users to create a task/tasks list and assign the same to a colleague/user registered in the app. The user can self-assign the tasks. The user can view the tasks assigned to him / her task Scheduling allows users to schedule task duration, planned effort on task, allocation, and reallocation of resources as per task. A user will get a mail / SMS / in-app notification as and when the task is assigned. A user can update the status of the task and also can log time spent on the respective task.

Task Tracking
This feature lets users track based on the task status like ‘Not-started’, ‘In-progress’ and ‘Completed’.This helps in filtering the list of yet-to-start and in-progress tasks which are assigned to a user. Any tasks which are over-due with status ‘Not-started’ or ‘In-progress’ can be filtered out and can be nudged with which respective user will be notified to update the status of the task. Our app provides for graphical data view of task status reports for the reporting manager to initiate action wherever required.
Recurring Tasks
Users can easily create tasks and set a task to automatically repeat daily, weekly, Monthly or beyond.
This feature allows users to set priorities by flagging/indicating the priority of the task while creating the same. A user can prioritize the task depending on the criticality levels of task like ‘Immediate’, ‘High’, ‘Medium’ & ‘Low’.A user can pull/filter the list of tasks with different priorities which enables a user to act on high priority items first. The user can view a graphical representation of assigned tasks based on priorities.
This feature enables a user to get a complete overview of tasks on selected date/week/ month. A user can set and view task deadlines in the calendar by month, week and day. Using this feature user can view over-due tasks for the selected date. A user can set reminders on tasks for the selected date, where a user can get notified/alerted through mail / SMS / in-app notifications.
Time Tracking
This feature helps the user log time on each task and get time analytics for any given period like day/week/ month. Using this feature every user can track time for each person in the team and analyze their productivity based on the task and projects assigned to them. This feature helps users in measuring the time spent to do each task and they can keep track of the work that was done for each day.
employee time management indicator
Effective management of tasks
employee time management indicator
optimizes accuracy in task estimates
Continuous connectivity for unified working
Customizable to suit specific requirement
Team collaboration
Calendar: To notify the users about the tasksHigh-charts / charts: To enable the users to update their tasks.SMS gateway integration: For the users to receive notifications.Email integration: To enable the customers to register through their email. 

Disclaimer : The following apps are not developed by tvisha and these are being provided for reference purpose only. The names and logos are the properties of the respective companies.

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