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Buying and selling are always a common routine for many decades. In this era of modernization, everything was and many are being made online. Vehicle market place app development is one such thing that extended its wings to the internet. A Buy-Sell application is a web and mobile based application that gives the users a platform to purchase, trade, or lease a variety of vehicles. This has made buying and selling of vehicles easy and simple and of course, interesting too!

Short Insights:

Our Vehicle market place application development enables to view the upcoming cars, new cars, and pre-owned cars. Your User can sell a car by giving the details like the make and made of a car. Moreover, your User can compare a car with another one, where the specifications, images of cars can be seen. This is one of the upcoming developments in this era of digitization.

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We at Tvisha technologies feel delighted for being the established Vehicle market place app development company. We create solutions that are simple to use and easy to understand. We offer products and solutions for every problem space. We understand the real-time requirements of the buyer and develop customized software applications. Moreover, our solutions are feasible and can function effectively on any platform.

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App Features

New vehicles
The user can view the new or upcoming vehicles in the market. The user can select the desired budget range, the make, and model of the vehicle. Once the filters are applied, then the results will be shown with the list of vehicles. For the upcoming vehicles, if a vehicle is not launched, an alert can be kept, where the user will be auto-notified through an SMS once the vehicle is launched.
Pre-Owned vehicles
The user can find pre-owned vehicles from anywhere. Select a location from where the car is being sold, select a budget for purchase, select the Model, made and make of the car. Once the filters are applied, the results will be shown with the list of pre-owned vehicles. The user can get the details of the vehicle owner for contacting. If a user likes an ad, they can save the ad to favourites.
Sell a car
Our classifieds app development services enable the User can sell a car from the application. Upload the images, price, make, made, variant and colour of a car. Give specifications of the car in the description like a high-end model, damages, etc. Once the ad is posted, the user can know the total views on the ad and total users who have liked the ad.
Compare Vehicles
Any two vehicles can be compared to the application. Once a user selects two vehicles for comparing, the system will show the difference in both vehicles with details like images, specifications, etc. The user can remove a comparing vehicle and add another vehicle on the same screen. This feature helps a user to know the difference between two different vehicles and make the best choice.
Expert Reviews
Get the reviews from the experts. After the test drive, experts will leave the comments on vehicle performance. This will give a user an option to choose the best vehicles. Even a user can become an expert after a test drive of any vehicle. The user will have to upload a video and some description of the experience from the vehicle. Other users can view the review, where they can like, comment or share the expert review as a link to other social media applications.
Reviews & Ratings
Our classifieds app development services enable the User can leave a rating or feedback on a vehicle based on their experience. The rating can be either a par rating or a poll rating, where other users can view them. Other users can also like or comments on the feedback given. The system will calculate all the ratings and give an average rating for a vehicle. This will help a user to make the best choice.
EMI Calculator
The user can calculate the EMI for a vehicle. The EMI Calculator will be integrated with the application, where a user can enter a down payment amount which they are capable to pay, and the total months or years they want to pay the monthly EMI. This EMI calculator will calculate the monthly interest and total payable amount for a vehicle in general. Instead of going to showrooms and know the EMI for a vehicle, the user can directly calculate the EMI from the application.
Vehicle Insurance
From the backend, the admin will add the insurance providers. Whenever a user wants to find the insurance provider, they can choose any from the available list. Once a user clicks on contact, the insurance provider will be notified, where a user can get a call back from an insurance company.
Get insurance quotations instantly
Calculate EMI for vehicle
Search Pre-Owned cars anywhere
Know upcoming vehicles
Compare vehicles for best decisions
Sell a car anywhere
Search vehicles based on budget
SMS Gateway Integrations: 
For a user to verify account and notifications.

EMI Calculator: 
For a user to calculate EMI on vehicles.

Maps Integration: 
For a user to find the location of the Pre-Owner vehicle wise.

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