10 Challenges Faced By Android App Developers in 2024
Published August 20,2022 by Tvisha Technologies

10 Challenges Faced By Android App Developers in 2024

Android platform is the biggest and leading OS platform on which various mobile applications are developed for diverse industries and all business verticals. App development is not a one-size-fits-all, and launching a successful app is not a cakewalk. As there will be no end to technological improvements, mobile app developers are needed to cope up with all the challenges raised with the advancement in the technology.

Android as an Open-Source OS:

Google makes its operating system “Android” as an open-source by allowing customization. Anyone can customize the OS features. This facility gave rise to the number of device manufacturers. Besides, its openness raises many challenges to mobile app developers.

What are the Biggest Challenges Faced By Mobile App Developers?

Mobile apps can be developed for both Android and iOS, the most popular smartphone operating systems. And it is more difficult to develop mobile apps than web apps as everything must be created from scratch by the developer in order to make the app compatible with each platform.

Besides, app developers face challenges in mobile application development due to cut-throat competition, in choosing the right app and right development technology, OS fragmentation, and providing security to different versions of operating systems, etc.

In addition, they face more challenges in Android app development than iOS. iOS apps are easier to develop for both experienced and new programmers. But it is not the case with Android.

Let’s dig it in-depth.

Unlike iOS phones, Android phones will have no standardized screen sizes. They come with various models, screen sizes, and various versions of operating systems. Besides, they will be designed using different Android architecture. All of these make the android app development process even more complex. Thus, the challenges of Android app development prevail.

Challenges Faced By Android App Developers

Here are some major challenges explained in-depth that are faced by every developer in Android app development.

1. Fragmentation:

  • Software Fragmentation: From Cupcake and Donut to Orio and Pie, the Android has various versions (nearly 17 versions until now). Every version has diverse features, technology, and enhancements. Besides, not everyone uses the same version. They use different versions. By keeping this in mind, the developers have to design an application that supports every version and gives the same UX for all versions. It is somewhat a tough job for them because of its diversity in features in all versions.
  • Device Fragmentation: Device diversity is another issue. There are thousands of various different Android devices that come with sundry screen resolutions and unique ecosystems. Google allows manufacturers to customize the OS based on their requirements. The hardware features may vary in terms of display, buttons, keyboard formats, resolution, storage, and authentication system (passwords, fingerprint, and other bio-metrics), etc. Creating an app that perfectly works for all devices is another big challenge for app developers.
  • Testing Fragmentation: Every device has its unique testing environment and the testers are needed to follow different testing strategies every time. Though there are test automation tools to provide testing automatically, testing strategies depend on the design of an app that is built by app developers.

2. Standard UI or Custom UI

Android has various UI design rules. The advantage of OS customization makes the developers think “Standard UI or custom UI?”. The standard UI can't fulfill all the requirements of an app, so the developers need to redesign with customizing the options by just following some guidelines. Not more than that. Only an app with good UI design services provides compatibility with various devices in designing sundry screen proportions.


These two programming languages are used in app development. Choosing one of them can be considered as Android coding challenge as both have their pros and cons.

  • JAVA – It is a very easy language but needs a bulk amount of code and more storage. It is helpful in building apps fast and it works well with both native and cross-platform apps. The Android itself in java and developers can use its libraries in app development.
  • KOTLIN – As it is the modern language, developers need to learn this complex coding though it lessens the number of code lines than java. Kotlin can also use java libraries. These apps can be built faster than java without any errors, but it has slow compilation speed.

4. API Incompatibility

APIs are made for making the app development easier. Not every function can be developed from scratch. Some need additional APIs to meet business-based unique goals such as authentication and maps. Building separate APIs or adopting third-party APIs is the way to provide a more personalized experience. However, sometimes there will be an incompatibility between APIs and the device features. Developing an intuitive app by overcoming this issue is a challenging one for developers.

5. Integration Challenges

Integrating the features with multiple SQLs and back-end databases and offering an excellent app with a simple design and rich UX is another challenge faced by the developers.

6. Storage and Battery Capacity Challenge

The performance of the app shouldn’t affect the battery life and the storage shouldn’t exceed the device storage capacity. If it consumes much battery and starts overheating, there is a chance to lose the customers since no one will be willing to use your app because of these two reasons.

7. Security Issues

As Android is an open-source OS, it is more vulnerable to security issues. Despite its protection, there is a chance for the entry of malware into the apps that may redirect the users to other URLs without developers’ consent.

8. Visibility issues in the Play Store

As mobile app development has become popular, more and more apps are being built. The developers need to design unique apps to stand out amid bottleneck competition.

9. Patent and Copyright Issues

The infringements of laws of copyrights and patents make it challenging to provide impeccable security in tune with the updates from Google’s copyrights.

10. Scalability

Furthermore, scalability is a challenge that mobile developers need to face. As there are many emerging technologies such as AI, ML, VR out there in this digital arena, app developers need to build apps that are salable to these latest technologies.


Though these challenges make the developers experts in the field of app development, it is sometimes burdensome to tackle all these diversities to provide flawless, robust, and successful mobile apps. However, if the developers have profound knowledge of application development, they can easily overcome these challenges.

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