Artificial Intelligence Apps in the Future of Modern Business
Published April 04,2018 by Tvisha

Artificial Intelligence Apps in the Future of Modern Business

The world is fast stepping into technology-enabled times – where technology is just not a tool but a “thinking tool”. Intelligent devices mainly Artificial Intelligence Apps  have stepped out from the realms of imagination to reality. Businesses around the world have recognized what a game-changer it can be, both for them and customers, if the nano-gadgets are imbued with human-like intelligence. Autonomous transportation (driver-less cars), flying vehicles, Robots – are the harbingers of times to come. The prognosis seems to be exciting. With the exponentially increasing need for speed, accuracy and security Artificial Intelligence is undoubtedly spreading its wings to take off its flight towards the world of Business.

Also, statistical data predicts that by 2030, many of the jobs would be done solely by machines, followed by replacement of human work force putting them in a context of searching for new jobs or upgrading their skills according to the rapidly changing technology.

Out of the enormous possibilities of Artificial Intelligence being implemented by mobile app development companies in the future, the use of Artificial Intelligence Apps in business has already set its tiny but crucial step, with an unending nerve to take over many of the most prevalent business processes all over the world.

Below are few AI models which are already at work in business, with a large space to be evolved more in near future.

1. Artificial Intelligence in E-Commerce

The inevitability of AI models are probably the most recognised by e-commerce platforms, for their need to organise and search content visually by image or video labels.
With the power of understanding what a customer wants on image recognition, and giving insightful suggestions in return, AI has made a mark, in giving customers a feel of having someone who could understand their needs and revert in the best of ways to provide them the most sensible solutions.

Whether its learning the colour, size or shape, AI makes it possible for customers to lay their hands on what they are looking for. And now that it has set its first step, we can only expect it to grow in leaps and bounds in future.

2. AI in Healthcare:

In a field like healthcare, human errors can be costly as well as ghastly. With ML/AI the chance of error reduces to a large extent and documentation and its recognition becomes  easy.
From Taking decisions to making security strong AI is proven to be a better assistant in terms of help needed in medical area. Though replacing doctors and nurses is not what AI is developed for, it takes away a lot of burden off their shoulders.

3. AI For Workplace

Apart from applications powered by chatbots, to answer the visitors query, AI is used in empowering employees by taking care of all the repetitive tasks which consume a lot of time, hampering productivity. With AI getting the task prioritised and goal setting is now an actionable task which makes employee utilise the remaining task in an efficient way.

4. Cybersecurity

With AI, fraudulent transactions can be easily detected, which makes many organisations adapt AI in most of their departments. AI catches hold of any indifferent behaviour of user applications such as Financial Systems or ERP. Deep Learning on the other hand, identifies all the suspicious activities which differ from the ones which happen usually, preventing any penetration of attackers.

5. Logistics and Supply chains

AI garners a lot of importance in Logistics and Cyber Security, most importantly when it comes to customer data and analytics, driving them to minimize delivery waits by autonomous trackers and robots.

6. Human Resource Management

Human Resource is one of the activities, which requires a lot of screening and going through a chunk of profiles to gather the required information. AI empowered HR activities weeds out the low quality data itself, filtering out the top one without manual Interception.

AI in the coming days would rule the HR environment in most of the industries.

Lastly, several Android app development and IOS app development companies around the world are deeply into developing AI apps. SIRI and Allo and more to follow.

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