Augmented Reality to Shape the Future of E-Commerce
Published January 12,2018 by Tvisha

Augmented Reality to Shape the Future of E-Commerce

Tech-experiments come up with much newer technologies that again use as reactants for latest tech-inventions. And such an innovation is AR- Augmented reality, the twin of VR-Virtual Reality. It is quite obvious to be familiar with VR that demands a headset to pick up us from the real world and drop-off at a virtual world offering a unique tour experience. However, unlike VR, AR uses the smartphone camera to mutate the real world around you into a virtual canvas full of candid virtual objects. Using computer vision, AR creates a perfect virtual environment with surroundings looking like real that changes their size and angle as per your phone camera’s movement. As of now, the AR technologies implementation in our day-to-day life is not at its full but it is worthwhile to take a look. However, E-Commerce App Development ground is the first one to show up the best possible AR of recent times.

Augmented Reality(AR) Then and Now

Need is the mother of invention and discovery. In early 90s, a new technology has been designed with much of usage in vision. And that “Augmented Reality” was created in the Air forces’ Armstrong lab with a very complex setup, unlike today mobile camera. Thereafter, there were several attempts to simplify the AR and drag it in to our day-to-day life availing its amazing service. But nothing worked. At last, Google came up with Google Glasses but that is not that sanitized.

Anyhow, AR is now quite refined coming up with mobile application like – Pokémon go and Snapchat’s lenses offering customers the goal to interact with virtual objects. In recent past, Apple announced iOS11 and ARKit proffering an effective platform for app developers to create and design even better AR experiences for human welfare.

AR in E-Commerce

Nowadays, E-commerce App Developers enhance their mobile application implementing Augmented Reality technology to enhance user satisfaction. This is a trial to offer much more homely shopping experience just like traditional marketing. In past, everything we bought is tried and tested regarding its color, size and direction that new age e-commerce app missed out. But worry no more, recent mobile apps are prompting users to try an object before buying. For example, there is an e-commerce mobile app called “Pepperfry”- an online furniture mart. This app uses AR techniques to let users virtually place any furniture in their room to check- “how it’s looking” and also share its picture with friends.


Smartphone Camera- an AR mirror

Taking AR in to social usage, many social applications like Facebook, Instagram and many more use this AR to let users have fun and amusement with their selfie. Here, users can add virtual objects like animals, flowers, makeup, eyewear and many more. However, besides social enactment, AR can do lot more. Getting the power of AR, many makeup and eyewear e-commerce app s are using AR to create an online trial room.

The online eyewear giant “Lensekart” uses AR to create exact 3D of yours within seconds, tracking your facial features through your system camera. And thereafter it will show all available products on your 3D to let you select the most relevant one. Check out here.

Find your Friend in Crowd with AR

In recent past, an American artist Jeff Koons designed an engaging iOS mobile app “NEON APP” using AR very smartly. This app aids you to find out your friend in crowd and helps to locate a store, commercial buildings near you with a down-arrow mark.


More To Come in Future

The wide potential of Augmented Reality is yet to be fully exploited. With the innovation off ARKit by apple, it offers an open platform for app developers to create even smarter and better AR apps blending real and virtual world indiscernibly. The journey from the real to the augmented has just begun. Welcome to the Augmented World!

Augmented Reality
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