Cost and Features of Real Estate Mobile Application Development
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Cost and Features of Real Estate Mobile Application Development

Gone are the days when a person had to wander around all day for a house or to rent a place to live. technology has become advanced and people have become smarter with their choice and budget. To match their requirements and smartness, Real Estate Mobile Application Development prove the best option to choose from. With thousands and lacs of choices of properties, buyers/ customers can easily find their ideal place to live or rent. The sellers without reaching out to a real estate agent can directly get in touch with the customers

Real Estate Mobile application development is done keeping in mind the buyer’s as well as the seller’s needs. Why look for real estate agents to meet the seller? Why loiter around all day to look for a perfect place? Why waste time and energy in getting an appropriate deal? Why pay a handsome sum of money to an agent?

To eliminate all these difficulties, real estate app developers come up with a booming idea of developing a real estate mobile application development.

What is Real Estate Mobile Application Development?

The main objective of the Real Estate Mobile Application Development is to grab users' attention and simplify the purchasing or selling process. To purchase a home in a specific city, people must contact brokers and real estate agents, and they need to pay hefty sums to them. However, with the advent of real estate app development services, they will get their desired properties without paying large amounts through real estate apps.

There are quite many important things to consider while developing a real estate mobile app. Instead of spending money on the conventional methods of approaching customers (via advertisement, posters, flyers) real estate app will do the task of alluring the buyers. The mobile app for the Real estate will act as a branding technique in itself.

Top Most Real Estate Mobile App Features List

This is the essential real estate app features list that every real estate mobile application must have.

Real Estate Mobile App Features.png

  • Customer and Brokers Panel: A real estate application can become one stop for all the engaging parties; customer, broker, the seller. 
  • Registration and Logging in:  The Real Estate Mobile Application will ask the person to register and sign in with their email address and contact number. One can log in using their Facebook or Google credentials too.
  • Profile Verification Details: This feature is important because the customers and brokers are going to communicate with each other. Once the person puts in contact number, a security code or OTP is sent to their number which will verify him/her. This feature of the real estate application is to ensure the authenticity of the application. 
  • Property Search and Filter Search: The Real Estate Mobile App can search and filter search the properties based on their requirement. These real estate mobile applications provide the customers with options of Rent/ Buy/ Lease. Depending upon the budget, location, purpose, a customer can look for a property and arrange for a deal with the seller directly on the real estate mobile app. 
  • Map/ List View of Properties: This feature must be included in the real estate app features list. It allows the user to search a property either on a map view owing to the desired location or on a list view owing to the names, ratings, and budget. 
  • Details of the Properties: It is imperative to keep and maintain the database of the properties of the real estate mobile application. From the varied choices in the admin database, the customer can know and verify the details of the property. Where It is situated, how the neighborhood is, the price of the property, space, well furnished or newly built, are the necessary details which a customer gets to know. 
  • Sell or Rent the property: The real estate mobile app development has got the most important where a customer has the free will to either buy or rent the property. In both cases, one can cover with the seller of the property on the real estate application, which brings the reader to the next important feature. 
  • Messaging and Chat: The real estate mobile app must have a feature where two parties can chat and negotiate. Sellers and buyers can share further details about the property on a chat box. 
  • Subscriptions and Notifications: One of the important features while developing a real estate mobile application to consider is- purchase of Subscriptions for the listing properties and the push notifications via emails or text message of in-app notifications. 

Real Estate Mobile App Admin Dashboard

After everything, most of the responsibilities come down to the admin of the real estate app. From bringing in the correct and reliable information about a property to maintaining the database, it is imperative for the admin to keep working on the real estate app development features list.

The rest estate application will function well if the admin keeps the application updated, and upgrade it with other features, analysing the customers’ requirements.

  1. User Governance: The admin of the real estate mobile application will need to manage the users who may be the buyers, brokers or the sellers.
  2. Property Database: Here, the admin keeps the database updated in regard with which property is available for sale, or rent or which property needs to be removed, or the new properties which need to be added.

  3. News and Insights: Admin will make sure the brokers and customers are well aware of the news and insights in regard to the properties. Which new seller has entered, which broker has the most ratings, which and where new properties are built or what new laws have been passed that may influence the purchase and sale of the properties. All these things will make the application a better and reliable platform to the sellers, buyers, and broker.

  4. Currency Converting Feature: The Real Estate Mobile App must be equipped with the feature currency converter so that it facilitates the foreign buyers or sellers in their dealings.

  5. Management of subscriptions packages and earnings: The admin will be in charge of the subscription packages and the earnings. It will be his task to remove, add or modify a subscription package. Earnings made via subscriptions, property deals, in-app ads will be managed by the admin.

Other Important Features for Mobile App Holders

These are like add-on features provided as a part of real estate app development services.

  • 3D view: The real estate application must display the properties in a 3 Dimensional view which will make the search better. The demonstration of the houses, properties will become more interesting with this feature and the customers will have ease in knowing how the property looks.
  • Map View: The Map view feature of this real estate application will enable the location, neighborhood, the availability of gymnasiums, restaurants, lounge bars, schools, colleges, university, etc. With a map view, this search will become easier.

  • Customer Relations Management: CRM solutions are one of the most important features where the admin will e in charge of customer relations management. A CRM solution software will enable the app to deliver important notifications to the sellers, brokers or the customers regarding their choice of properties. Emails, cold calling, push notifications will help the customers to stay in touch with the latest news and insights and updates on the properties. This feature of the real estate app development services is majorly helpful in boosting sales, retaining the existing customers and making new customers.

  • Mortgage and Interest Rate Calculator: This feature enables the customer to calculate the interest rates which must be in-built. Home loan interest rates calculation will ease the customer with their selection while also managing their budgets. The interest rate calculator will need the price, down payment, the time (months/ years) and the result will be out in no time.

  • HeatMap: This feature in the real estate mobile application will ease the search of the properties as it will display the properties in different colors on the basis of location on the map view. The customers will find it easy to look for their type of property on the basis of their requirement.

  • User Experience Survey: Just like any other shopping app, the real estate application should feature a feedback survey which will help the admin update the listing properties. Whether their search experience was good or poor, whether they could find their desired property or not, whether the location is as per their requirement or not, whether the deal with brokers was satisfactory or not. All of this will help the real estate mobile application become better.

  • Gallery: This is the most important feature for any mobile app, in this case, a real estate mobile application. If the photos/ images are not up to the mark, how can someone find their ideal place? The Gallery must be well equipped with good quality images so that it is easy for the customer to find their desirable place.

So, make sure to ask the real estate app development company from whom you are availing real estate mobile app development services to include all the must-have real estate app development features list mentioned above.

Cost and Time of Developing a Real Estate Mobile App

All these features will make the real estate mobile application a great app like Zillow. A real estate mobile app cost will depend majorly on the application itself. The size, the complexity, the database, the number of brokers and sellers and buyers, the images, the advanced features will determine the cost of the real estate mobile application.

Primary requisites for the cost of developing a good real estate mobile app will be as follows:

  • User interface
  • Design
  • Technicalities
  • Testing
  • Project managers, engineers, designers, mobile app developers.

All these requisites may cost up to $20,000 to $25,000 which may rise up to $35,000 and may take up to 25- 30 days for Real Estate Mobile Application Development.

Which is the Best Real Estate App Development Company?

Have a real estate app idea?. Reach the best real estate mobile application development company that transforms your app idea into reality. Also, the company you hire must have adequate experience and expertise in developing real estate mobile applications.

We, at Tvisha technologies, are one of the best Real Estate Mobile Application Development companies you can rely upon without hesitation. We vouch for providing the best real estate application development services that help to connect all sellers, buyers, real estate agents, and other stakeholders in one place. We have an expert team of app designers and developers to build the app with which you can grow your business.


Real Estate Mobile Application development is a teamwork of the project managers, web designers, app developers with a cost of $30,000-$35,000.

With the Best Real estate app features list and high standard quality mentioned above, an app like Zillow can be developed in a month which will bring more conversions and better subscriptions.

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