How AR And AI are rising Real estate Sales?
Published November 26,2019 by Tvisha Technologies

How AR And AI are rising Real estate Sales?

Real estate industries have gone through dramatical changes since their evolution. The adoption of augmented reality is the new trend that is taking the real estate to the next level. Augmented reality (AR) is an immersive technology where virtual things are superimposed on the real ones hence provides a 360-degree view of anything. That is the reason, experiencing the real with the interactive demonstration in the real estate industry has become a boon to the realtors, brokers, real estate agents, etc. It makes a big difference for both realtors and buyers.

If you are a realtor, then incorporating AR features in your mobile app will help you to present your buildings and constructions perfectly to your customers. People also can visualize everything and have a walk virtually through the rooms. Your app will provide a realistic picture of the buildings, rooms, interior, etc.

Factors that Lead Real Estate to move towards the adoption of emerging technologies:

  1. Realtors find it tedious process explaining the same building details and showing them for each buyer.
  2. People can’t imagine the exact layout of a building verbally. They need visualizations.
  3. It is a time-consuming process for the people to visit each building until they find the right one. They no longer interested to put hefty sums on travel expenses.

There is the perfect solution for all the aforementioned challenges – Incorporating AR and AI!

What happens when augmented reality meets real estate?

“Try before you buy” is the promotional slogan of any commercial product or asset.

Benefits that yielded by the AR and AI in Real Estate

Read on to know the benefits that yielded by the AR and AI in real estate.

1. It Provides Interactivity

This surprising new way improves interactivity when the print catalogs outlined with AR. Agents can showcase their properties at their best. It gives the clients a virtual experience so that they can be interactive with the buildings, flats, or apartments. They can tour through rooms, interior, halls etcetera and touch them. Augmented reality app developers can build an intuitive app that provides interactivity.

2. Accurate Visualization of Property and Apartment

People are no longer needed to imagine themselves rather real estate apps enable the users to view the apartment using augmented 3D models that help in a clear understanding of complex structures of the building. It can explain briefly about the measurements, the estimated value of the flat, number of rooms, etc. so that they can get the idea about what they are going to buy.

3. Impressive and Immersive UX is the Point of Interest

Choosing the right property, bungalows, flat, location etcetera can be possible if and only if the users have a convenient view of the property and its interior. Let them have a convenience view of property in 3D through your app. Let them walkthrough around the rooms through 3D models. Hire a real estate app development company that is well-versed in leveraging AR into the apps to its maximum potential while designing it so that it provides immersive UX.
Besides, you can mix Virtual Reality (VR) that allows the users to allocate and decorate the apartment place with furniture and things and see how they fit the space.

4. Increased Engagement

Customer engagement is the key metric to maximize sales. AR is notable in immersive user engagement. As the AR mobile app allows presenting a convenient view of the building environment, buyers can easily get attracted to properties. As it helps in foreseeing a lot of factors before buying the properties, users will be engaged to the app naturally.

5. Leveraging AI provides All-Around Connectivity

The AI-powered chatbots help in assisting clients regarding the building information and answer their queries on behalf of realtors, brokers, and real estate agents. The advances in AI technology made the chatbots human-like. They can interact with the clients as humans do.

6. AI Improves the Conversion Rate

Moreover, AI has the ability to get prospective buyers by gathering all the users’ micro-interactions. It provides users’ analytics and can yield quality leads to a business. It also provides marketing strategies for real estate. Thus, Artificial intelligence development improves conversions hence leads to fast and smooth property selling.

7. Both AR and AI are the Time and Money Savers

The satisfaction of the clients is the main motto of any business industry. As both real estate agents and clients can save their time and money by reducing the number of unproductive visits.

8. AR + AI = Improved Real Estate Sales

The enhanced UX prompts the buyers or clients to purchase the residential property because the buying decisions can become easy after the virtual tour. These technologies allow selling even before project completion. As they visit the site virtually beforehand, it improves the salability of a property.

The essential features of AR-Powered real estate app should be:

  • AR View
  • Catalog stand
  • Interactive ads
  • 3D walkthroughs
  • Panoramas
  • Sales connect


The progress in technology and innovation is unstoppable. Every business is taking advantage of technology to automate regular and routine works. Implementing AR in every business sector is possible and incorporating it app sets any business apart from its competitors. AR allows capturing even minute details of a building model. So, real estate stakeholders can get tremendous value for their properties and get stellar first impressions and returns. Hire a mobile app development company that designs the AR app for your real estate.

How AR And AI are rising Real estate Sales
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