How 5G Hits The Future of Mobile App Development?
Published September 09,2019 by Vamsi-Bandi

How 5G Hits The Future of Mobile App Development?

5G – the next-generation mobile network technology and another technological revolution!5G networks are rolling out across the world with exclusive benefits that improve the quality of life around the universe and it is predicted that the 5G connectivity stretches up to 1.1 billion connections by 2025 as fast as its speed. This single unified global standard can expand the realm of IoT and Android app development company and there will be a rise in the emergence of new services and new applications.

No doubt!. The future of mobile app development will become brighter with the onset of 5G.

What is 5G?

The fifth-generation abbreviated as 5G is a wireless and user-centric technology which uses Ultra Wide Band (UWB) networks at low energy levels. It has changed the way we use wireless gadgets and systems with a high bandwidth (BW). It is a single unified standard of various wireless technologies (LAN/WAN/WWWW(worldwide wireless web)).

Why these generation technologies (1G/2G/3G/4G/5G)?

These technologies were majorly used to improve the speed, latency, and coverage of all the wireless networks. The below table depicts all the generations and its technologies with speed and latency.



Advantages of 5G over Predecessor Technologies

The 4G is the previous technology and what we are using now. The onset of 5G covers all the drawbacks of 4G.

  • High Resolution
  • High transmission speed (10Gbps)
  • Low latency or no latency
  • Faster transfer of files, documents, and folders in the span of an eye blink
  • Enhanced UI/UX (faster loading speed, transactions, and easy downloads)
  • Full and broad coverage (even accessible at remote places)
  • High connectivity (Increase in the number of connected devices within the same area)
  • Long battery life
  • cost-effective and reliable

Applications of 5G

  • AI-based wearable devices and VoIP-enabled devises
  • The whole spectrum of businesses and industries
  • Mobile and IoT app development
  • Software development
  • cloud-based AR/VR
  • Smart cities development

what is IoT?

As the name implies, the Internet of Things (IoT) is defined as connecting the things (devices) to the internet to perform tasks such as transferring and receiving the data. Things can be connected through software or hardware. IoT is all about how things are connected and communicated. It allows businesses to connect more with people.

What happens when IoT takes advantage of 5G?

Currently, IoT is facing challenges such as

  • Disconnected systems
  • Long lag times and delays

So, 5G is expected to unleash the IoT Application Development and its ecosystem to the next level.

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How 5G can cope up with these challenges?

  • Disconnected systems
    5G has the solution – High connectivity. The limited connectivity makes all the systems utilizing the same IoT ecosystem are prone to low speed hence leads to more disconnected systems. However, the ability of faster transmission of 5G will help IoT system to overcome this challenge by providing high connectivity which is the greatest advantage for IoT mobile app development.
  • Long lag times and delays
    5G has the solution – low or no latency. The present 4G technology used by IoT has a slow data processing speed compared to 5G. With the advent of the seamless speed of 5G, IoT can overcome this challenge. It allows multiple devices can transfer huge data to multiple locations and systems at a time.

5G Impact on Mobile App Development

Is 5G will also change the way of mobile app development to the next level?

A big yes to this question.

Blending 5G technology with mobile app development will be a deadly combination that can be unbeatable because of its faster speed, wide bandwidth, high reliability, and low latency.


  1. High Speed and Low Latency: The transmission speed in Gbps allows fast loading speed of websites and applications which is the current need for Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality and AI/ML-based mobile apps. If we use 5G technology, all the businesses and industries can be connected to the world via VR. The zero-latency of 5G with cloud technology will help in designing cloud-hosted mobile applications.
  2. High Battery Life: The high speed and low latency are the minimizers of power consumption. It provides 360-degree connectivity and more user engagement for mobile applications.
  3. High Accuracy: The high RF(radio frequency) used by this wireless cellular network gives high precision. You know all the mobile applications are GPS enabled. Thus, 5G gives more accurate results in geolocation and geotagging. It enhances user experience.


To cut it short, 5G enhances the features of mobile apps, allows quick transmission of files, 3D model designs, navigational apps, accurate tracking of any location, etc. which is beneficial for mobile app development.

The Challenges associated with 5G implementation:

If we implement the 5G in mobile app development, then there may be some challenges such as security issues, 5G based business models, and syncing of this technology with multiple app versions (if the user is connected with the previous technologies 3G/4G) exist since you might have heard that every coin has two sides.
The mobile app developers have solutions for all these issues. You can hire them to upgrade your mobile apps to this transformative technology.

Summing Up

Finally, It is expected that 5G can become the backbone for the emerging technologies like M2M communication and Internet of things (IoT) by allowing all-around connectivity all over the networks with the sky-rocket speed, broad coverage, and real-time data.
Don’t delay to meet our Mobile App Development Company which provides you a 5G-based business model in designing any type of mobile application and upgrades your existing systems with 5G technology.

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