Cost to Develop an Indoor Navigation Mobile Application?
Published February 12,2020 by Kumar

Cost to Develop an Indoor Navigation Mobile Application?

Nowadays, businesses are developing and cultivating for the latest technologies to help them grow and have a competitive edge in the market. To take it to the next level, the implementation of an indoor navigation system enables smartphone users to navigate precisely and barrier-free inside buildings - be it in a hospital, train station, airport, an authority or in a shopping center or in a large company complex. The conventional GPS - based navigation on the smartphone, as it is known from road traffic, does not work in the building due to the weak and inaccurate GPS signal. With the best, mobile app development company services for the digital indoor navigation system will help here. With its high accuracy, it reliably leads users to their destination and is inexpensive to buy and maintain. Alternative beacon or WLAN-based methods cannot meet these requirements due to technical shortcomings. These procedures are expensive to install, require constant rework and maintenance, are inaccurate and cannot determine the orientation of the users.

With Android App Development Company develops and patent-pending offer accuracy of less than one meter with the lowest installation and maintenance costs. With this accuracy, you can be navigated with your eyes closed from the entrance, through door frames right up to your workplace. It is so precise that even blind people could be guided safely in field trials. The indoor navigation system works offline, i.e. without a permanent internet connection, on any modern smartphone.

Modular Construction

The indoor navigation system is flexibly adapted to the conditions in the buildings. Inexpensive »modern signs act as optical anchor points and are installed in the building at regular intervals. These modern signs can be harmoniously inserted into the existing control system or corporate design.
Everything runs automatically on the user's smartphone. After entering the target room or personal name, the app provides navigation instructions for the user when they enter the building. The localization runs completely in the background. By evaluating the sensors in the smartphone, with the indoor navigation system can calculate a precise position even when no optical anchor point is being detected. The system does not require any additional hardware for the user, apart from the smartphone. The localization infrastructure is maintenance-free after the initial installation and requires no further investments. Updates of e.g. Room numbers or interesting navigation destinations can be updated independently in the location database. Costly changes in the localization infrastructure are not necessary for this. The indoor navigation system can easily be integrated into your app via SDK.

The Advantages of the System at a Glance

  • High-precision
  • Economical
  • Maintenance-free
  • Pointing the way
  • Offline capability
  • Reliable
  • Barrier-free for blind and visually impaired people
  • Can be integrated into any app and software environment


The areas of application go far beyond indoor navigation. All location-based services can thus be implemented in your building:

  • Path optimization
  • Location-related context information
  • Barrier-free access for blind and visually impaired people
  • Tracking objects (asset tracking)
  • Locating/controlling points of interest
  • Curated tours

Cost to Develop an Indoor Navigation Application

The cost to develop an application depends on the requirement of the organization. Most of the companies will hire a mobile app developer and depends on them for each and everything. But the fact is that adopting a developer is not the permanent solution and not the only thing that one must keep in mind. In some cases, the navigation GPS tracking software development application can be extremely costly based on the features and its possibilities that companies might not be able to afford it at all.

The estimated cost of these applications according to the features and its price goes to $50,000 while starting from $10,000. This is only about the basic attribute but when enhanced features are mixed up in the program then the price will probably start out of $20,000 for optional features.

Aside from that, the beacon three-piece kit can also be considered that will start out of $20 and can achieve until $60 for one slice. When geo-fencing falls right into place then the speed will differ in accordance with the request.

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