List Of Top Winning Features Of Real Estate App Development
Published December 02,2019 by Vamsi Bandi

List Of Top Winning Features Of Real Estate App Development

Real estate is a customer-centric business and mobile apps are an integral part of people’s life. Did you find any integral relation between them?. The real estate and people can be connected through a thread called “Mobile App”. It is time and money saver. In other terms, mobile applications are the time and money investors. Invest your real estate business in app development and redefine it with a top-notch mobile app.

A mobile app must have good UI design (the way the app looks and operates), a huge database (to store all the properties and listing along with description), intuitive navigation, and responsiveness.

Is this enough for an app to be successful? Nope.

By the way, what makes an app so special or stand tall?. Features.

A great-featured mobile app can skyrocket any business. Tie-up with a mobile app development company that keeps pace with the trending and business-specific features that gain the right first impression of the prospects.

As the real estate industry is cluttered with the competition, gaining traction among the crowd is a challenging one. So, hire an experienced developer that incorporates all the winning features (such as mentioned below) into your app so that your app and real estate business can stand tall.

Benefits of Real Estate Mobile App

  • Increased Brand Awareness and loyalty
  • Hassle-free management
  • Instant decision making
  • Time and Money saver
  • Increase in sales
  • Doubled ROI

Top Winning Real Estate App Features

Here is the list of top winning and trending features that a real estate application must-have.

1. Multiple Login Options

The developer or realtor has to make sure that he provides the login feature for both the property seller (agent/broker) and buyer. They need to signup through Gmail, social media platforms, or phone number authentication. The reason for opting for multiple approaches for user onboarding is to reach a broad audience.

Listings of properties with detailed visuals
Having a listing feature enables the owners to showcase all their real estate properties. It avoids the lack of information. This feature help in displaying all the properties with relevant description (name of the property and its details, owner of the property, features, price, etc.). Thus, customers can find their desired property at ease on a fly.

2. Advanced Search and Filters

This feature wins many house hunters’ traction because finding a new home at the aspired location with the desired specification is a tough job since it needs an insane amount of research. However, incorporating this feature in the app allows the prospects to refine their search from the bulk listings and exclusive properties to find the best flat or apartment.
Hire an experienced android application development company that builds apps on all the platforms to increase visibility.

3. AI-Powered Chat

This chat application provides all-around communication with customers. They are answered any time for the queries or price negotiation details through the AI-powered chatbot on behalf of the realtors. Don’t miss the opportunity to interact with customers. Ask the iOS application development company which you have hired to integrate this winning feature.

4. Maps Integration

Without this feature, having a real estate app is nothing. Integrating this feature helps the users to find all the property locations and nearby facilities such as schools, hospitals, transport, shopping malls, restaurants, etc. so that they can opt for the desired property for them.

5. Ratings and Reviews

This feature plays an indispensable role in any app. People see ratings and reviews before they finalize their decisions since buying a property is a one-time investment for anyone. This means that the buying decisions of people depend on the feedback of the customers. A well-rated app gains more prospects and more sales.

6. AR Images/Gallery

Presently, many real estate app development companies are integrating the Augmented Reality technology in apps that present a 3D image. Realtors can showcase the best views to attract more customers. This feature paves a way to break the sales funnel. The quality 360-degree view gives a clear picture of the building, flat, apartment, room to room view, interior, etc. Home hunters are no longer required to travel around the properties because it provides a realistic view.

7. Push Notifications

It is the feature that serves as a double-edged sword. It helps the users to know the updates, new properties, sales offers, etc. and increases user engagement. Besides, it acts as a direct marketing tool that promotes a business.

Furthermore, real estate agents can include additional features such as direct messaging, add to favorites, lead capture forms, offers/discounts, subscriptions, mortgage calculators, and Google analytics or in-app analytics, etc. Many real estate agencies in Canada that provide listings in toronto condos are creating hybrid apps that are proficient in both mobile and web.


All businesses including real estate are developing apps for their products or services. However, gaining customers in the real estate industry is a challenging one. It requires an outstanding app than other business entities.
Ask the mobile app development company you hired to incorporate the aforementioned features that retain more customers and enhance your profit margin.

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