Smart Health Check-Up With Mobile App Development
Published October 01,2019 by Siva Davu

Smart Health Check-Up With Mobile App Development

Technology has brought out countless innovations to the world. And the widespread adoption of mobile app development is giving rise to the number of apps developed across all the business sectors. The health sectors, health care providers, and businessmen can also be profited by mobile apps. Moreover, these apps are paving a way for monitoring health conditions regularly and provide insights into the impending health issues.

Features Needed to be included in the Health Mobile App Development:

  • Registration/ sign-in with social accounts
  • List of medical specialists and health services
  • Make or cancel an appointment
  • Making or canceling orders for home delivery
  • Geo-location
  • Scheduling
  • Reminders
  • Real-time chat through chatbots and video
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Push notifications
  • Reviews and ratings
  • History and Analytics

Benefits of Health Care Mobile App:

The features in the healthcare app development enable patients with these benefits.

1. All Types of Medial Specialists on One Platform!

All the medical professionals such as local doctors, allergists, dentists, dermatologists, ophthalmologists, optometrists physicians, podiatrists, cardiologists, psychologists, pediatricians, urologists, etc. will be available in the list whom the patients can consult. People can search by specialist and medial condition and view the schedules of the doctors. They can also track the doctors’ practice in various fields and their patients' records.

2. Make Hassle-Free Appointments

The patients can see the open timings of the hospital or clinic and make appointments with a single click on the application without having to wait in long-waiting queues. The patients can also cancel or reschedule the appointment. With the app, patients and doctors both can estimate the actual vacancies for appointments and can fill the empty slots of appointment.

3. Reminders

As human beings, we have the habit of forgetting things easily. Here, the reminder feature in the application earns credit. Patients can get

  • appointment reminders (before and after)
  • prescription reminders
  • taking of medicine reminders

4. Notifications

This app allows the patients to get notified on

  • the latest news and events
  • any new medical procedures evolved
  • new treatment methods
  • medicine refills

5. Reviews Help in Gaining Loyal Customers

The reviews given by patients help both new patients and health care providers. Before coming to the hospital, people see the ratings and reviews. It acts as the index of your clinic. They trust the reviews of previous customers. So, as a health care provider, be responsive to every review either positive or negative.

6. Monitoring the Health and Keeping the Medical Records

Patients can monitor their health by checking blood pressure, glucose levels,  cholesterol levels, body temperature, sugar levels, weight and height changes, etc. regularly and keep their health record online safely for future use.

7. Download Reports

Patients and doctors can easily download reports such as ultrasound scans, X-rays,  MRI scans, ECGs, etc. from the application.

8. Map Integration

Map integration into the application enables the patients to locate the hospital easily especially in times of emergency.

9. Help in Building a Community

The health mobile app development allows doctors to create a community and discuss and share clinical knowledge among them.

10. All-Around Communication with Doctors via Chat and Video

Patients can reach the doctors for diagnostic advice,  clinical advice, through a live chat provided in the app. Through video, patients can talk to doctors face to face.

11. Home Delivery of Medicines

Patients can also order their medicines for home delivery while sitting at their homes.

12. Time Saver and Timely Treatment

This mobile app saves the most valuable time and helps in timely treatment by predicting the disease (if any) beforehand.

13. Write Referrals

Doctors can refer to each other who can do the best treatment based on the medical condition of patients.

Types of Health Mobile Apps

 There are different types of mobile for the different types of services such as

  • Medicine tracking apps
  • Rehabilitation apps
  • Healthy lifestyle apps
  • Telemedicine apps
  • Clinical reference apps
  • Emergency apps
  • Mental health apps
  • Remote monitoring apps
  • Clinical and diagnostic apps
  • Mobile-enabled EHRs
  • Mobile health apps
  • Patient engagement apps

 and each will be designed for specific target users.


 Apart from health service providers, businessmen too make apps and run a successful business in the health industry. Businessmen! What are you waiting for? Turn this medical app opportunity to your business success. Invest money in the health sector and generate revenue for your app. It helps both patients and doctors. Don't be stuck at the app idea. Make it real by hiring a mobile app development company that provides HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, the health industry regulation)-compliant advanced health care solutions.

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