What is Mobile E-Commerce Strategy and How it trends for 2023
Published March 25,2022 by Tvisha Techonolgies

What is Mobile E-Commerce Strategy and How it trends for 2023

In modern commerce, contacting customers is essential to connect with them. Adapting to the new mobile commerce trend lets your brand stay in consumers' minds. But what is the platform where it can create lasting connections with customers? Mobile is the place where business owners can interact with users easily. It became more possible with the increase in Smartphone utilization day by day.

So Mobile E-commerce strategy can help any E-commerce development company by offering a competitive advantage in the busier market, mainly in 2022. However, it takes a lot of advertising for the business owners to get help in generating more traffic and driving sales. So, let's look at the mobile e-commerce trends that various businesses can find in 2022. But before that, know the definition and understand what mobile e-commerce is.

Mobile E-Commerce

Mobile e-commerce is the buying and selling of services and goods on mobile devices like Smartphones and Tablets. The commercial transactions are performed on mobile platforms, including shopping apps, social media channels, and web browsers. Mobile e-commerce is related to only Smartphones and Tablets.

A mobile app's speed, convenience, and innovative paths to browse will enable an individual to pick mobile shopping. In addition, mobile e-commerce apps or websites give access to the customers by providing the best ecommerce app development services. It allows them to browse and buy something from anywhere.

The evolution of mobile commerce gave rise to other new services such as :

  • Electronic money transfer.
  • Mobile Marketing.
  • Location-based services.
  • Digital content delivery and purchase, and
  • Mobile Banking.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile E-Commerce

It is a known fact that everything has its benefits and drawbacks. So first, let's see the advantages of mobile commerce.


1. Easy Store Access

Mobile commerce enables the user to quickly find products of a specific business brand via wireless gadgets. It is unnecessary to visit the physical store as you can purchase from online stores or any ecommerce website development. Therefore, it will save a lot of your effort and time.

2. Results in Productivity and Cost Reduction

It is cost-effective as it reduces the marketing campaigns costs. In addition, reaching your customer quickly through your mobile application reduces the workload on your company's staff and offers more productivity.

3. Offers Benefits from Traditional Retail Sales

Mobile E-commerce is evolving every day by putting your business in a better position in retail exchanges. So it encourages to provide benefits from traditional retail sales.

4. Designs a New Marketing Channel

Mobile commerce helps you create a new marketing channel to quickly sell your items to the end-user. Using it is beneficial as you can easily communicate with the customers and provide the services with one click.


1. Issue of Connectivity

When there is an issue in network connectivity, you will face many problems while in mobile commerce as it is a significant issue to deal with.

2. Security Concerns and Fraud Risks

While dealing with mobile commerce, there are fraud risks that few marketers cannot get through with. The problem of security is present, and some individuals fear losing their data.

3. Absence of Services in Rural Places

Some rural areas still don't have mobile phones to access app services to buy anything from any Ecommerce Website Development Company. Even though few people are aware, most people don't know what mobile commerce is and its advantages.

4. People's Habits

Some people don't wish to come out of their comfort zone or fear adapting to the changes. However, few individuals refuse to get into modern innovation, and some take so much time. Many of them don't even know the existence of ecommerce android app development and its services.

From learning the advantages and disadvantages of mobile commerce, you know how it operates but now let's discuss the significant trends you require to know to produce an efficient mobile e-commerce strategy in 2022.

Trends of Mobile E-commerce

1. Video Marketing

According to the research, customer internet traffic will increase 15 times more by 2022. In addition, the video rate of conversion is high because humans can process a picture quicker than text.

The video prominence is increasing because of the short video platforms like Instagram Reels, Tik Tok, and YouTube Shorts. Most of the ecommerce Mobile app development companies created their video businesses that utilized video marketing trend in specific manners like:

l Allowing users to attract the videos of products to their reviews.

l Providing product videos on the item page.

So, it became the trend to look out for in 2022 as it's the performer proven to have the best conversion rate.

2. Social Commerce

Using this trend, any Ecommerce development company sells the products directly through social media platforms. It is distinct from social media marketing. Because the business won't redirect the customers to a store online yet enable them to check out from the social media network. Users of Smartphones spend their time mostly on social media. Social commerce is a significant trend to reach out to in 2022.

It can offer the advantages like :

l The consistent growth of the audience.

l Enhanced consumer insights etc.

3. Voice Commerce Insurgence

Voice assistants like Apple's Siri, Google's Assistant, or Amazon's Alexa are gaining popularity day by day. Voice commerce is the best thing for multitaskers as they don't need to use a mouse or keyboard to enter the information. There is hope for voice technology improvements. The thing is that it has to support more languages and accents. However, even with the enhancement needed, voice commerce is still a significant trend.

4. Multichannel Marketing

Having a pleasant shopping experience is one of the significant needs of a customer. So it is best to incorporate the omnichannel approach in the mobile commerce strategy. In addition, as people switch from one device to another, it is better to use multi-channel marketing to increase your product range.

You Can Start Multichannel Marketing in a Few Easy Steps Like

l Concentrate on utilizing product branding consistently on every channel. It will create your product and brand awareness on these channels at once.

l Maintain personalized content based on customers' likes and purchasing habits.

l To enable your customers to make a user profile on different platforms. It can give you the customers' attention to see your brand and products.

1. Location-Based Marketing

Many famous e-commerce companies turned to the side of location-based marketing. So it is to see a rise in sales and store traffic.

Location-based marketing helps the customers to let them find a brand location that is near to them. It also enables them to create a more personalized experience to shop for the customers.

The sellers can benefit from two types of strategies. One is Geotargeting, which means retailers will find the customers based on their past visits to the particular place.

Another is Geofencing, the seller designs a particular radius around the location in which ads are offered to the customers to captivate their attention. You can connect with the users in-depth using location-based marketing.

2. QR Codes

Many companies have integrated QR codesas the central part of the product marketing strategy. An organization like McDonald's kept the QR codes on the packaging to enable the customers to acquire the food nutrition values in a product. Some other companies allow the customers to get prizes whenever they scan a QR code. The advantages of providing QR codes is to :

l Enhance SMO and SEO.

l Offer effective call-to-action equipment.

l Measure the marketing campaign effectiveness

So, it has become one of the favorite trends of mobile commerce.

3. One-Click Ordering

If the checkout process is hassle-free, it offers a great user experience. However, it is known that consumers have to enter so much information during checkout. So using one-click ordering is essential as it enables the customers to finish the total shopping in just one click.

In addition, it decreases the shopping cart abandonment rate, which turns into a win-win circumstance for customers and business owners. It turns into one of the unique trending technologies in mobile commerce.

4. Chatbots

You can see the presence of chatbots in this digital world. They provide a fantastic user experience to the customers to attain high consumer satisfaction and attention levels.

It is essential to use personalized rendering services so that you can utilize your application to access products or services. It will allow the users to get hooked up with your application. So chatbots are putting their foot in to offer different benefits to a particular company's customers.

The benefits of using chatbots is that

1. They provide 24 hours customer service.

2. Easy communication.

3. Offer good customer service.

4. Gives answers to complex questions,

5. Getting an instant response.

5. Augmented and Virtual Reality

The market for augmented and virtual reality is increasing a lot. However, even though these terms are used in an interchanging way, they are different from each other.

Virtual reality makes the end-users get deep into an artificial digital environment. On the other hand, augmented reality allows us to pave the way for virtual objects

in this realistic world. On the other side, Mixed reality is the one that anchors the virtual objects. Augmented reality offers a tremendous and mind-blowing virtual user experience to the customers.

6. Progressive Web Apps(PWA)

The PWA is the most significant trend, increasing to offer a fantastic user experience. It allows the app-like characteristics for the store. It also has the essential attributes of the native applications such as installability, push notification, getting to use it offline, etc.

The progressive web apps(PWA) depend on web technologies. However, it can operate on any tool with a supporting browser interface. Therefore, it won't develop platform-specific apps that add to the total cost-benefit. But PWA can be published with the correct type of implementation process. Users can download and install it the same way as you install native applications.

7. NFC Payments

Near Field Communication(NFC) payments is the one which is a new trend of mobile commerce. A multichannel experience allows payment to be processed without contacting mobile users. It can enable you to perform the transactions without waiting and easily. You find chips in credit cards similarly even NFC also has such chip cards in them. When mobile owners wish to use these services, their transactions are known as NFC payments only.

The complex process of paying during shopping or paying bills is reduced by using NFC payments. You will be able to complete the payment process with speed. Using this trend, you can also acquire the information while paying for something.

8. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence is the technology that enables you to understand repetitive human habits patterns. Along with the other machine learning innovation, it turned into the vast mobile commerce trend.

The marketers can offer the customers a customized shopping experience using both trends. Machine Learning can provide you with thoughtful and accurate

outcomes. Both trends can raise business sales.

Final Thoughts

Thus, these are some of the mobile e-commerce trends you can look out for in 2023. Mobile commerce is the future in the digital world as many users utilize mobile devices for various purposes. Therefore, businesses need to adopt the mobile commerce strategy for further growth.

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