Facility Management Software

Facility Management Software

Facility Management helps the managing of an organization's buildings activities and equipment with security and tracking. Facility Management Software Development is a shot in the arm for big and commercial property managers in the task of providing safe and secure habitation for its inhabitants.


We at Tvisha ensure that all diverse elements involved in the business of safety are factored in before designing and developing facility management app. The whole process of flow of people, goods, and vehicles into the facility and out of it is mapped in a linear method. Starting from gate pass management to asset maintenance management, the app encompasses all entry and exit points of the facility.


As a premier facility app development company, Tvisha focuses on delivering a comprehensive solution to the vexatious problem of security. Our app developers team is well aware of the nuances and pitfalls of security management and makes painstaking effort to offer fool-proof solutions. The solutions we offer in the field of facility management are scalable and highly cost-effective.

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App Features

Gate Pass Management
Gate Pass module monitors and maintains gate registers for materials, visitors, Visitors vehicle and company vehicles. This feature helps in capturing details and enrolling vehicle number& purpose, generate pass with barcode and Pass number for those who are entering through the gate. It facilitates generation of gate pass through SMS, hard copy or E-Pass. It logs and records the quantum of gate passes issued over any period along with relevant particulars of the security person on duty. 
Internal Assets Access Control
This feature enables an organization to set up passwords to security devices, equipment and risk zones/ rooms like a server or strong rooms. This application is integrated with a device which is assigned to those particular assets. Permission to access these assets can be regulated through necessary access controls. Designated authorities are empowered to change the credentials of these access points according to the requirement and needs of the organization. Any updates on passwords will be notified to individuals only who have access for these security permissions.

Visitor Management
Visitor Management module helps an organization to save the details of visitors like purpose, Point of contact, and Individual profile details.  These management modules help to block visitor and can also pre-book visitor, generate pass and share to visitors.  Visitors with the advance slot- booking can share their Pass number at the security gate without waiting for much time to generate pass afresh.
Security Shift Management
This module of our app helps to arrange and manage shift timings for security persons. This helps organization to be secured and have a track on all the security individuals. This will help to view history and working hours of security persons. Security shift management allows to select specific individuals and assign security individuals to any specific location. The feedback feature of our app enables to raise and register grievances against security personnel functions which are directly forwarded to the relevant decision makers. 
Asset Management
Our Asset Management module helps users to differentiate and track assets. It helps in maintaining a list of assets in organization, machine life logs, recording relevant data on warranties, service schedules, technical specifications, parts inventories, etc. in digital format single location.This module can implement security functions where some of the important assets can be secured with passwords which is set by higher authorities.Facility App Development Company
Staff Permission Access
This important feature of our app developers for enforcing entry and movement restrictions on staff in vital areas of the organization.  This feature allows for addition, deletion or alteration of permissions to staff as and when needed. 
Organization Maintenance Management
This module helps to add staff to particular maintenance activities to operate and track effectively. This feature helps to set roles to staff and explain work to the staff. This module helps staff to update their maintenance duties, progress regularly through this application. This feature helps supervisory staff to track maintenance activities in the floor or surrounding organization area regularly and give comments/opinions/suggestions on the maintenance work. 
We ensure that the app Dashboard displays visualization data for live tracking of all the security-related activities in the organization based on role, department, visitors and maintenance activities. This helps to administrative authorities to view the details in a glance and procure reports as required. These reports are displayed in the form of charts and graphs for easy comprehension. There are many filters in the dashboard and based on filters reports vary. These Dashboards can be exported for reports generations in graphical format or in Excel format. 
Multi-layer authorizations
Integrated platform for multiple functions
Rationalized work flow for efficient results
Easy and swift check-in and check-out protocols
Automated processes
Multi-layer authorizations
Digitized Record Logs
SMS Gateway:for the users to receive SMS alertsBiometric SDK: for the users to enable permission access.

Disclaimer : The following apps are not developed by tvisha and these are being provided for reference purpose only. The names and logos are the properties of the respective companies.

Visitors Management System
Visitors Management System
Visitors Management System is an Application used to manage the visitors who visit the building/place and manage their entries as well as exit.

Facility Management
Facility Management
Easy and intuitive mobile Facility Management solutions developed to transform the way of work in the organizations improving productivity, information exchange and employee satisfaction.

WINHMS Gate Pass system
WINHMS Gate Pass system
The WINHMS Gate Pass module monitors and maintains gate registers for materials, visitors and company vehicles.

Visitor Management system by cyber net
Visitor Management system by cyber net
The visitor Management system provides a way to effectively control, record & track your organization's visitor traffic.

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