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Traveling is a peculiar thing. It always helps us to gain confidence and increases faith in ourselves. Traversing new places always aids in finding the real 'you'. Many of you might have heard that exploring new places gives immense pleasure and also brings a change in our attitude. It also acts as a great way of building cultural responsiveness. However, in this busy world, it has become obligatory to take a tour in order to refresh ourselves from our regular chores. Many people like to travel to in and out of the country.  

To make your travel much more beautiful there are many airlines that render you the best services. As we know there are many tasks associated with them. It helps airlines in fleet planning and crew management. Basically, the airlines' industry is a huge one and it is tough to manage the whole crew and fleet. So now comes Fleet Management Solutions system which lessens the burden of the airlines.

Crew Management Solutions:

Fleet and Crew Software Development Services are specially designed for the airlines' industry for managing fleet, hub, crew operations. Automation is mandatory for organizing all these operations effectively. It helps the airlines' industry managing fleet, hub, crew operations.

Why choose us?

Tvisha Technologies has prowess in building the fleet management software solutions in accordance with your business requirements. Here we have a team of skilled developers who design robust solutions by making the best use of the latest technologies.

Being the well established Crew Software Development Company, we design solutions that promote the easy organization of Crew Members effectively.

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App Features

Crew Schedule planning
This feature entails the airline industry to schedule a crew plan by coupling accurate crew members to a certain airline. This can be conceivable by having Crew profile information and the crew members tracking where this application has a facility to track and store that information. The Crewmember tracking is basically about crew duty, skills, pay and records where these elements can help to plan for a better pairing and helps in reducing costs in terms of salaries and optimization of schedule. This application offers to pair crew members by adding details at a single place and assign to particular aircraft.
Work & Duty Regulations feature Module
This aids the airline industry to maintain and update Duty regulations related to crew members. This crew management system also allocates work-related activities to particular crew list/Crew member so that crew can get notified on the updates related to their work like work timings, aircraft details, Arrival, and departure location. Moreover, this feature also entails crew members to track their working hours, the number of hours on-boarded, Aircrafts worked for. So, these elements can get to have a proper understanding among crew members.
Training Management feature Module
Our fleet management software development enhances the collaboration between Crew staff members who are under training and trainers. It entails the crew staff to get notified about the training-related activities like timings, resources for preparing, related videos, tracking the work progress, online exams. Also, the trainers can also get the information related to crew profiles, progress, or updating with study resources like contents, videos.
Flight Schedule Planning
Our Fleet and Crew Software Development Services help the airline industry to manage costs and have proper planning during the schedules. This application offers to manage Fuel and operational Costs based on the number of flights. It also offers route planning and can assign particular aircraft based upon seating capacity and by observing other aircraft information.
Material Management
Here you can simply monitor the goods and transport safely that promotes good customer services. This feature enables you to track the list of related Cargo material items that are being transported from one location to another.
Financial Management
Our fleet management software solutions aids to maintain account management activities like transaction, salaries to crew members, maintenance costs, operational costs, payments received, the amount transferred and you can also transfer funds. Generation of reports for transferring funds, receiving funds can give a proper solution on all the financial problems.
Apt resource utilization.
Promotes better fleet and crew planning
Improves team collaboration
Increases operation efficiency
Aids in tracking team operations
Helps in tracking financial logs
Better resource utilization
Payments gateway :
For efficient account management.

SMS gateway :
To notify your crew members about salary.

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Fleet Management
Fleet Management
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