Guest Management Software

Guest Management Software

Marriage is something that comes only once in a lifetime. To make the moments unforgettable and cherishable there are many event planning organizations that manage every task related to wedding effectively. Also, guests always form a significant part of any event and so for the marriage. Looking after everything in order to satisfy the guests is one of the greatest things in the marriage. In such situations, this Guest Management Software Development will definitely help. It is no less to say that digitization has made everything possible.

Quick Insights of Guest Management Application:

Our Guest Management Application Development promotes effective management of every chore related to marriage. By making use of this application, your user can manage any event from the web or mobile software. Many things such as resources, vendors, wedding cards, etc can be managed through this software. Also, every task regarding the marriage can be fulfilled which in turn satisfies the guests.

Why choose us for Software Development?

We at Tvisha Technologies feel ecstatic for being a renowned Software Development Company. We employ competent methodologies to produce strong, secure & feasible custom software development solutions to our customers.

Moreover, our Guest Management App Developers are adept at delivering standard solutions on time and they work dedicatedly with a primary motive to satisfy our clients.

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App Features

Guest Management
This feature lets the owner in adding the guest for events and providing them with unique logins to view their details related to events. Using this feature, the app owner can view the guest list and categorize the guest into different sections like Family, friends, Colleagues etc. This feature allows the owner to can import and exports the Excel / Word sheet with all the details of the guest based on location. This feature lets guest get notified on the list of their events and the detailed information regarding it.
Vehicle Management
This feature lets the owner allot vehicles to the guest based on the section and location. Using this feature owner can assign vehicles to the driver which will be allotted to the user. Using this feature user will be allotted vehicles with the details like vehicle type, Driver information, driver arrival timings etc. This feature helps the driver in viewing the list of user asked to him based on location.

Vendor Management
Using this feature app owner will be able to add vendors into the application based on the event categories. Using this feature owner can block / Unblock vendors if they commit fraud and break the terms and conditions set by the owner. Using these feature vendors can view the guest list and provide the required facilities to the user as per the agreement with owner. Using this feature owner can view the history of vendors with the events and user list based on category and location. The user can view the vendor list and details of vendors if logged with the credentials provided by the owner of the application.
Facilities Management
Using this feature vendor can add facilities based on the categorization of user and location. This feature lets user in viewing the list of facilities provided by vendors based on location, and also user will be able to view the details of vendors where user can contact vendor’s offline through text messages/call. User will receive the details of facilities for different events through SMS / Email or In-app notifications.
Allocation of budget
Our Guest Management Software Development comprises of this feature owner can allocate budget to the events based on vendors and categories. This feature helps the vendor in managing the events and utilized within the budget and keeping track of commercials of the events based on category and event.
This feature lets the owner to add, edit and delete subscription plans based on events. Using this feature user can view the list of the plan, select and subscribe to them by making online payments. This feature lets user to view the facilities, vendors and events list once after the subscription is done. User will receive subscription confirmation message through SMS / Email or In-App notifications. This feature lets the owner to keep a track of subscriptions based on plans, users and event categories. Owner will have an ability to view the payment list and history of users, events and vendors based on the location.
Save time and money
End to end execution
Expert planning
Inflow of creative ideas
Save time and money
Increased guest satisfaction levels
Less risk occurring
SMS Gateway Integrations: For the users to receive notification regarding the registration.Mail Chimp Integrations: To enable the admin of the app to send emails to the usersSocial Media Integrations: To enable users to register through social media.Video Player Integrations: For the users to allows users to view the videos.Payment Channel Integrations: To enable the payment.

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