Library Management Software

Library Management Software

Libraries are the hub of books where anyone can gather information related to anything. Libraries help us to locate books related to any issue or subject. Many schools and any educational institutions are of course equipped with a library to allow their students to acquire knowledge regarding any topic. Also, a library comes thousands of books and it will be quite difficult for the library to keep track of everything regarding the library activities. Then this library management software development into the picture.

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As we know library management involves different chores like keeping a track of inflow and outflow of books and also managing the activities of library staff. A manual system basically leads to the loss of information. In such situations automating the system will definitely narrow the burden and results in the effective functioning of the library.

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Tvisha Technologies being a premier library management software company provides sophisticated solutions at economical price tags. Our main motive is to bring our clients close to their targets with our solutions. Our master coders are skilled in developing and designing solutions across various business domains. Furthermore, they offer technical support from the stage of initiation to the launching of the application.

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App Features

Books inventory
Using this feature the app owner can categorize books and arrange the books based on the ID. Each category will have a unique ID. This feature helps the app owner in viewing the list of books available based on the categories like Historical books, Comic, Mythology Etc. Using this feature your customer can view and select the books based on the categories which are placed in systematic order by the owner. App owner will segregate the books into sections, rows, and racks where it will be easy to list the No.of books available and unavailable.
Visitor Management
This feature helps your customer in visiting the library multiple times by taking a membership with the library. This feature lets your customer view the list of packages and to select the package, based on the package user can visit and avail the facility of reading books in the library. Once your customer visits the library, this feature lets them enter their details in time and out time, so that user can view his visit history later when he wishes to view. This feature helps the app owner to view the visitors' list and history based on the categories of books, and also the owner can view the frequency of each visitor.
Books inflow & Outflow
Our library management software development helps the owner to keep track of all the records about the books like the list of issues, returned, exchanged, penalties. This feature lets the owner have a clear idea on the inflow and outflow of books in the library based on the categories. This feature enables the owner in keeping member wise tracking of books returned, exchanged, booked registered and in detailed information of the visitor.
Acquisition management
Our library management system software helps the owner to keep track of new print and digital additions to the collection. Using this feature owner can automatically make the arrangement of books in racks digitally based on the type of book. Using this feature the owner can add a bar code to the new and damaged acquisition.

Reserve shelf management
This feature allows your customers to reserve some of the books based on the user membership packages. This feature lets them divide shelves based on the terms and conditions set by the owner of the application. Using this feature the only premium user will have the ability to divide and reserve the books based on category.

Fee collection
This feature entails your customer to make payment for the membership packages and reserve books based on category. Using this feature they can keep track of payment and the list of fines paid to the library. This feature lets the owner have in-detailed information of visitor memberships, payments, due fees and history of reserved booked based on categories.
Our library management software development aids the app owner to generate reports in order to view the history of visitors and the books in the library. This feature lets the owner for generation of reports by categories, sections, racks etc. This feature helps the app owner to have a clear picture of different kind of reports generated like a total no. of books, no. of issued books, no. of journals, etc.
Simple library management solutions to lessen your burden
Record Maintenance
Ease of tracking Up to Date Book Details
Automatic Fine penalty Generations
Enhances Reporting & Monitoring
Increase in Efficiency
Digital Managing Process
SMS Gateway:For the user to receive confirmation regarding the membership.
Barcode Scanner SDK:
For the library staff in order to keep a track of inflow and outflow of books.

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GO Library
GO Library
GO-Library is a robust yet cost-effective Library management application developed by 3click Software.

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