Loan Management Software

Loan Management Software

Applying for a loan was always regarded to be a tangled method in the past. But in the current scenario, it is completely different. The enhancement in technology has transfigured and touched several phases and the same applies for loan management software development. This has made the processing of loans a burdenless task. Also, it dilutes the trouble associated with the chores of lending the loans.

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Our application basically aims to improve the quality, turnaround time and service for end-customers. It enables financial institutions to automate the processes. Your customers can easily get the loan amount by just accessing the application. Our loan management software development Company can be accessed by just downloading the application and registering in the application. When the admin of the application is sure with the customer, they can simply grant them the loan.

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We at Tvisha Technologies feel euphoric for being the well-known loan management software development company. We develop solutions that are 'simple to use' and 'easy to understand'. We make sure that our application exactly fits your business requirements.

Furthermore, our loan management software developers are skilled at developing sophisticated solutions on time. They work ardently in order to create innovative applications.

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App Features

Customer Management
Customer Management helps to store data of customers who acquired loans, request for loans, or contacted for loans from their side. These details like Customer Profile, Loan details, loan status help financial institutions to manage customers’ details together through this single platform. This feature helps to know the loan details through customer history. Customer management helps financial institutions to have a detailed track of customers like staff can add the proper notes and comments to the particular customer and can keep reminders within this module which helps staff to contact or take necessary actions for a particular reminder.
Loan Monitoring
Loan Monitoring helps for periodic reviews of the loans and their status. This helps to know the institutions to view the details of amount pending and amount to be received and loan approvals pending, loan closures based on user.  This feature enables to monitor the loan summaries and helps management to proceed further planning. Loan monitoring system sends notifications to authorities and staff when amount is pending for certain date when it is not yet updatedin database. This helps financial institutions to make actions easily.+
Loan Origination
Every Financial institution has its own Loan origination process. This loan origination process includes loan eligibilities stored by higher authorities, evaluate customer details and documents, Estimation loan amounts, underwriting, Deciding and accepting/rejecting the profile and monitoring the status. Management can keep track of all status and can move further process for every customer and higher authorities can know the individual staff that are handling the loans and approving the loans for particular customer. This feature enables the verifier approvals for loan processing before the staff shares the loan status to customer. Once verified by verifier or higher authority then only staff has feature to view loan status that is accea pted by management or rejected. Loan origination feature helps to automate these work flow process and can be tracked easily.

Electronic Signing
Electronic signing helps financial institution to make electronic signing for the employees which helps the signing process easier and used in this management software mainly for approval purposes, loan collections, during audits. This Electronic Signing can be stored in application and whenever staff needs the use of electronic signing they can refer to this E-sign which are stored within the application.  Staff can change their E-Sign only by approval from administration. After verification from admin, the E-Sign can become valid.

Access Controls
Access Controls helps higher authority give access to employees by role based or team-based access to perform on loan management activities. This helps financial institutes to perform activities in secured way and can track all the activities done by employees. Higher authorities can create new roles and groups and assign staff to particular roles or groups and can provide set of actions to individual staff or groups. Regular updates will be notified regularly to staff as any changes in management activities for these controls. 
Document Management
Our loan management software development helps financial institutions to store all Customer documents in safer and secured way in single location. Organization staff can upload documents and they view these documents through document management. These document management have a feature to view  documents for specified people or to view documents for all management, while uploading any documents.  This helps institutions to easily search and can make the process easier during any reviews or for any future prospects.
Every financial institution has audits for internal financial activities and accounts. This application helps financial institutions to know the list of past audits, comments and list of documents checked. This helps institutions to manage the required documents before and can be ready with their belonging assets. This makes sure that upcoming audits were planned and audits in this management system will be accessing only to role based higher authorities. After Audits, Management can enter comments and notes or store any necessary files for further purposes. These files can be referred easily for any further audits.
Loan Collection suite
Loan Collection suite is main management activity in the financial institution. Loan collection agent view all the allocated amounts to be collected and the customer details like contact number, the location will be get notified on a daily basis where this assignation is given by staff and the agents collects the required amount from customers and update the details regarding the received amount, notes through this feature. This makes sure that the work flow and loan status is always active. 
Reports & Analysis
Reports & Analysis helps to generate overall loan information through better visualization and helps institutes to calculate their financial planning. Visualizations can be viewed from different charts or graphs based upon management wish.Reports can be generated based upon filters like date wise, monthly or yearly based filter where the large amount of information can be viewed at a glance. Along with loan information records, management can view organization progress regarding their activities and can export these records through excel or pdf where these are used manually as records.
Easy tracking of loan records
Simplified & transparent loaning processes
Secured permission protocols
Easy monitoring of credit worthiness
Electronic signing for faster processing
Easy tracking of loan records
Effective & efficient service to borrowers
SMS Gateway: for SMS notificationsDocuSign API: for E-Sign

Disclaimer : The following apps are not developed by tvisha and these are being provided for reference purpose only. The names and logos are the properties of the respective companies.

Loan Management Software Development Company
Loan Management Software Development Company
This app is for financiers to manage their customers. We do not provide loan.

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