Angular JS


  1. Angular JS Introduction
    • What is AngularJS? Architecture & Features
    • AngularJS Hello World Application: Your First Example Program
    • AngularJS Controller Tutorial with Example
  2. Scope Model View
    • What is $scope in AngularJS? Tutorial with Example
    • AngularJS ng-repeat Directive with Example
    • How to use "ng-model" in AngularJS with EXAMPLES
    • AngularJS ng-view with Example
  3. Angular JS Expressions 
    • AngularJS Expressions: ARRAY, Objects, $eval, Strings [Examples]
    • AngularJS Filter Example: Currency, JSON, Number, Lowercase
    • AngularJS Custom Filter with Example
    • AngularJS Directive with Example: ng-init, ng-repeat, ng-app, ng-model
    • Angularjs CUSTOM Directive Example [ng-transclude]
  4. Angular JS Fundamentals 
    • AngularJS Module Tutorial with Example
    • AngularJS Events: ng-click, ng-show, ng-hide [Example]
    • AngularJS Routing with Parameters: Single Page Application Example
    • AngularJS AJAX Call using $resource, $http [Example]
    • AngularJS Table: Sort, OrderBy & Uppercase Filter [Examples]
    • AngularJS Form Validation: TextBox, Button Click [Example]
    • AngularJS Form Submit with Example [ng-submit]
    • ng-include in AngularJS: How to include HTML File [Example]
    • Dependency Injection in AngularJS with Example



  1. Introduction
  2. Brief Review of Angular Basics [only if needed]
    • Controllers and Models
    • Directives
    • Services
    • Routing and Single Page Applications
  3. Angular User Interfaces
    • Angular Forms
      • Angular forms vs HTML forms
      • Angular form controls
      • Form events
      • The form controller
      • Form validation
    • Using Angular with Angular UI and Angular Bootstrap
      • Introduction to AngularUI
      • Introduction to Bootstrap (and AngularUI’s implementation)
      • Page layout and organization
      • UI Widgets
  4. Angular Services
    • Providers as a concept
    • The Service Provider
      • Mocking out your Service during testing
    • The Factory Provider
      • Testing your Factory
    • The Provider recipe
  5. Developing Custom Directives
    • Teaching HTML new tricks
    • Binding text and attributes
    • Directive processing lifecycle
      • DOM Processing
      • Compilation
      • Linking
    • A basic directive
    • Directives and scopes
    • Creating reusable directives
    • Turning directives into components
    • Transclusion
    • Examples:
      • Custom Elements
      • Custom Event Handling
      • Observing Model Changes with $observe
  6. Enhanced End-to-End Testing
    • Introduction to End-to-End testing
    • Setting up Protractor
    • Configuring your browser()
    • Grabbing elements
    • Firing events
    • Examining data
  7. AngularJS 2.x Overview and Migration Strategy
  8. Conclusion
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