React Js


  1. Introduction To Javascript, Browsers, And DOM
    • What is Event-driven programming
    • What is Javascript
    • Introduction to DOM
    • How does the browser work
    • Render-Tree construction, layout, and paint in Browser
    • DOM traversal(most important part)
  2. Introduction To ReactJs
    • What is React?
    • Why ReactJS?
    • Setup - React
    • Structure of ReactJS Projects
    • Webpack - the role of package managers or bundlers
    • JSX in detail
    • First React app
  3. ReactJs Components
    • Intro to React components
    • Thinking in React
    • Component lifecycle
    • Creating a React Component
    • Rendering multiple components
    • Nesting Components
    • How to split an App into components
    • Comparing Stateless and Stateful Components
    • Understanding the Component Lifecycle
    • Converting Stateless to Stateful Components
    • One Component per File - how to break the app in multiple files
  4. How ReactJs Works Internally
    • How React Updates the App & Component Tree
    • Understanding React's DOM Updating Strategy
    • Understanding Higher-Order Components
  5. Props, Events, And States
    • Intro to props
    • props in action adding props to reactDOM.render()
    • Intro to events
    • Events in action
    • What is state
    • Difference between props(immutable) and states
    • Adding state to the component
    • Track changing data in your components
    • Multiple child components
    • Updating state and removing component
    • Creating an App using states and props
  6. Styling React App
    • Setting Styles Dynamically
    • Setting Class Names Dynamically
    • Using Radium for Media Queries
    • Enabling & Using CSS Modules
    • Outputting Lists with ngFor
    • Practicing Directives
    • Mobile Considerations



  1. Working With React Router
    • Intro to React Router
    • Server vs. Client Routing
    • Setting up a 404
    • Linking Between Routes
    • Navigating Programmatically
    • Using Query Parameters
    • Redirecting and Wildcard Routes
  2. Handling Forms In React App
    • What is a web form
    • Creating a Custom Dynamic Input Component
    • Setting Up a JS Config for the Form
    • Dynamically Create Inputs based on JS Config
    • Handling User Input
    • Handling Form Submission
    • Adding Custom Form Validation
    • Showing Error Messages
  3. Redux
    • Understanding state management
    • Complexity of Managing State
    • Intro to redux
    • Need for Redux
    • Understanding the Redux Flow
    • What is an action
    • What is store
    • Understanding reducer
    • Understanding Provider
  4. Redux In Action
    • Setting Up Reducer and Store
    • Dispatching Actions
    • Connecting React to Redux
    • Connecting the Store to React
    • Dispatching Actions from within the Component
    • Practice - Dispatching Actions
    • Passing and Retrieving Data with Action
    • Switch-Case in the Reducer
    • Updating State and arrays immutable
  5. Redux In Action Project Using React-Redux
    • Installing Redux and React-Redux
    • Basic Redux Setup
    • Creating Ticketing App using React and Redux
    • Deploying react app on server
    • Wrap up let's test how much we learned so far your feedback
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