1. Introduction to IOS Development 
    • Understand and use constants and variables
    • Understand and use Swift arrays
    • Learn about Randomisation
    • Understand basic Gesture controls and motion detection
  2. Introduction to Swift Programming 
    • How to use Swift Playgrounds and become familiar with Swift syntax.
    • Understand the data type system and how to use Strings, Integers, and Doubles.
    • Understand how to declare constants and variables using let or var.
    • How to use Swift functions and understand their input parameters and return types.
    • How to use IF-ELSE statements to control the flow of execution.
    • Swift loops.
  3. Reading And Using Apple Documentation
    • Finding out how to play sound using AVFoundation and AVAudioPlayer.
    • The ViewController lifecycle.
    • How to use tags in Interface Builder.
    • Error handling using try and catch.
    • Code refactoring.
    • Basic debugging for array index out of range errors.
  4. IOS Design Pattern And the Model-View-Controller(MVC)
    • What is a design pattern and how is it used in programming.
    • How to use the Model-View-Controller or MVC pattern for app development.
    • Learn about Object-Oriented Programming.
    • How to store data locally.
    • How to incorporate third-party libraries and how to display.
    • Heads Up Displays (HUDs).
    • How to refactor code and stay organized.
    • Learn about class initialization.
    • How to programmatically change UI elements such as Labels and Views.
    • Start thinking about data encapsulation and how to keep your data safe from corruption.
  5. IOS Auto Layout And Setting Constraints 
    • How to add constraints and understand how auto layout works.
    • How to Pin and Align UI elements.
    • How to create containers to configure advanced layouts.
    • How to debug auto-layout errors.
    • Understanding what Xcode needs in order to correctly layout a design.
    • How to use stack views to easily layout your UI.
  6. Intermediate Swift Programming 
    • Understand Classes and Objects.
    • Learn about Properties.
    • How to create and use Enumerations (Enums).
    • Learn the difference between Functions and Methods.
    • Learn about Inheritance and the override keyword.
    • Learn about Initialization, including Designated and Convenience Initializers.
    • Understand Optional Types, Forced Unwrapping, Optional Binding, and Optional Chaining.



  1. Networking, API'S, And Third Part Library Dependency Managers 
    • How to use CocoaPods to manage and use open-source code libraries.
    • How to use the Command Line on Mac with Terminal.
    • Learn about Networking calls.
    • Use public web-based APIs to fetch data.
    • How to parse data organized in JSON format.
    • Learn about Core Location and utilizing the iPhone’s inbuilt GPS.
    • Learn about navigation between View Controllers using Segues.
    • Introduction to Delegates and Protocols.
    • How to pass data between View Controllers.
    • Learn and use Swift Switch statements.
  2. The Comand Line And Terminal 
    • How to use basic bash commands in the Unix Terminal.
    • How to manipulate files and folders without needing a graphical user interface.
    • How to download and install to your computer using command line.
  3. Cloud-Based(Backend), User Authentication And Table Views
    •  How to integrate third-party libraries in your app.
    • How to store data in the cloud using Firebase.
    • How to query the Firebase database.
    • How to use Firebase for user authentication.
    • How to work with a UITableView.
    • How to use custom cells in a Table View.
    • How to embed View Controllers in a Navigation
    • Controller and understanding the navigation stack.
    • How to create Segues for navigation.
    • How to make custom .xib files to modify native design components.
    • Using Grand Central Dispatch to queue asynchronous tasks.
  4. Git GitHub And Version Control
    • Using git for version control and collaboration
    • Git forking, branching and cloning
    • Using GitHub as a remote repository
    • Checkout and rolling back changes with git
    • Using git and GitHub with Xcode
  5. Persistent Storage Solutions
    • How to use UserDefaults and lists
    • How to use the Codable Protocol to save to file
    • How to use Core Data for relational data management
    • How to use Realm as a modern database solution
  6. In-App Purchase And Apple Storekit API
    • How to integrate the Apple StoreKit API into your app
    • How to charge once only and subscription payments for apps
    • How to test using Sandbox accounts
  7. Machine Learning on IOS, COREML, And CREATEML
    • Introduction to machine learning
    • CoreML - Using pre-trained machine learning models for image recognition
    • Using IBM Watson Bluemix and Carthage for intelligent iOS apps
    • Advanced CoreML - Converting a model from Caffe to MLModel
    • CreateML - Creating your own image recognition model
    • Advanced CreateML - Create a Twitter sentiment analysis machine learning model using natural language processing(NLP) tools from CreateML.
  8. Augmented Reality on IOS And Arkit
    • Introduction to augmented reality, ARKit, and SceneKit
    • Creating 3D objects and text in AR
    • Animations in AR
    • Plane detection
    • Measuring real-world distances in AR
    • Image recognition and tracking in AR
    • Rendering 3D models on tracked images
    • Playing videos in real-world tracked images
  9. Publishing To The App Store 
    • Familiarising with App Store Connect
    • How to write the app listing
    • Apple TestFlight
    • Submitting your app for review
  10. Mobile App Design
    • Colour Theory
    • Typography
    • Mobile User Interface (UI) design fundamentals
    • Mobile User Experience (UX) design fundamentals
    • iOS vs. Android design differences
    • How to use Sketch, Marvel to design your app mockup
    • Design resources
  11. Mobile App Marketing 
    • Idea validation and MVP
    • App monetization models
    • Optimizing the app store listing
    • Growth hacking techniques for app downloads
    • How to get press coverage for your app
    • How to get your app featured on the app store
    • App Store Optimisation (ASO) how to rank on the app store search engine
    • How to use paid advertising to get more customers
    • Improving your app store ratings and reviews
    • App analytics
    • Black hat vs. white hat techniques for app marketing
    • How to build an app showcase website
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