Cost and Features of Order Management Software Development
Published July 16,2019 by Tvisha

Cost and Features of Order Management Software Development

Small, medium, large or any kind of business gets orders for their services or products. Not long ago, servicing daily orders of customers was a tall order, what with all the accompanying paperwork and long spreadsheets. With the advancement in the technology, order management software development activity has come in as a boon against such routine tasks. Technology providers have come up with easy to use and highly affordable software to tackle the cumbersome process of order management.

How to use Order Management Software to Direct Customers to an Online Store?

Managing all the orders is a challenging issue, especially, when you have multiple stores across the cities. If you have an effective order management system (OMS) with shipping facility, then it enables you to monitor and maintain all the stock details of the product across all your stores and to update it in the online automatically. It gives you the exact details of your services, leftover stock, and price tags.

With the time saved on routine and mundane tasks, business owners can devote more time to boosting sales - the prime movers for ROI of any business. Have a good amount of sales with inventory management software development. This system serves the needs of any business, especially, it is a boon for retail enterprises and manufacturing industries which require a lot of goods maintenance. Manage the complete picture of your stock details, orders received, orders served, orders canceled with this to meet all your client’s requirements.

Let’s go to the short insights about the Functions of inventory management software. It

  • Simplifies the whole supply chain management
  • Allows automation
  • Monitors every nook and corner of inventory of an organization
  • Balances the supply and demand of products
  • Acts as a pre-planner for all stock for the future


Features of Order Management Software

The features of this software give comprehensive solutions for all industries in order to control the supply chain effectively.

1. Stock Management

The listing of the total number of goods/products, damaged products, available products, purchased products, added products with the price tag can be updated time to time so that the customers can easily find out the required product whether available or not and place orders for them.

2. Order Management

This feature allows the consumer to place/cancel/replace an order easily. It will be easy for businesses to track the details since all the orders are automatically updated.

3. Finance Management

The cash flow (inward and outward) will be managed transparently by this application.

4. Barcodes

The barcodes are a way to manage the stock without a chance of a fraud. If all the products are enabled with the barcode with a serial number, then it will be easy for stock management such as the products sold and remained.

5. Delivery Tracking

This is the main feature that helps in gaining the trust of consumers. From the placing of an order to shipping, all the delivery process can be tracked through this software development until it reaches to the customer.

6. Payment Gateway Integration

This feature allows customer pay the bills easily through the third-party payment gateways such as Paytm and e-wallet. Also, helps the management easy transactions of cash flow.

7. Reporting

This feature gives brief analytics of all the reports such as orders placed, orders canceled, orders replaced, shipping details, cash flow, tracking details, etcetera on a daily basis.
Besides, you will know the frequent customers’ details and the products which have more demand by which you can maintain stock. These insights will guide the businesses for further improvements.

For example, if one of your items was sold more times than others, then you have to focus more on this product in order to meet customers’ demand and keep them happy.
Thus, the reports suggest online stores for effective management of inventory.

Benefits of Order Management Software

The various advantages of this supply chain management are as follows:

  • Control over the stock
  • Effective monitoring of the sales
  • Reduction in errors/fraud
  • High Revenue to businesses
  • Help in getting loyal customers
  • Builds brand value
  • Time-saver
  • Fast delivery of services/products
  • Reduces expenses of a business
  • Supports multiple store locations


The cost to develop an inventory management software depends on the complexity of the features (since it differs from industry to industry), the technology used, and the company’s brand value. The average cost is in the range of $15000 to $30000.


Delivering orders accurately for each customer on time needs the help of an innovative and fast processing tool. Courtesy order management software development, facility management software, intuitive tools have emerged for the advantage of the users. Own this firmware to your warehouses, online stores, and all industry verticals including manufacturing industries to keep track of all your cash flow management at your fingertips. It helps in getting attention to services/products you offer.
Besides, the rich set of features of inventory management software development helps to maintain your daily operations at ease. And, it boosts your sales and yields high returns for your E-commerce business.

Features of Order Management Software Development
Cost of Order Management Software Development
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